Absolument Parfumeur

Absolument Parfumeur: In the beginning was absinthe

The story of Absolument Parfumeur began with Absinthe - that cult spirit with the smell of the forbidden. Pascal Rolland, founder of the Liquoristerie de Provence, launched the Versinthe Absinthe in 1999. A bang for the buck for France, where an Absinthe ban had been in place since 1915. But the liqueur visionary was not satisfied with this alone. In 2005 he followed up - and presented the first Absinthe perfume: Absolument Absinthe, the forbidden perfume. A legend was born; as powerful and intoxicating as Absinthe itself. Since then, Absolument Parfumeur continues to tell the story - and revives the fine art of the old perfumers in the mountains of Aix en Provence.

Brand Portrait: More about Absolument Absinthe

Absolument Absinthe revolutionized the world of perfume, by the bold combination of new and unexpected rare fragrances. The fresh, mysterious, and bewitching absinthe leads to a completely new fragrance that unites cannabis and another 50 fragrance essences, to create a sagacious and sensual perfume.