Brand Portrait: Goutal

Founded in 1981, Goutal has been synonymous with uniquely fine, artfully arranged fragrance arrangements for four decades now. The passionate and determined character of perfumer Annick Goutal, considered one of the pioneers of niche perfumery, manifests itself in her inspiring Goutal perfumes. They sensitively create emotions, memories and journeys that become invaluable life companions. Goutal calls them "the fragrances of your life" and describes the mysterious connection of the special moments of one's life with a fragrance that is able to guide one back to those precious moments time and again. As a companion for a season or over several years, Goutal's fragrances thus become an integral part of one's own biography. With inspiring compositions, some of which, such as Eau d'Hadrien and Petite Chérie, have become true classics, Goutal presents creations for lovers of exquisite fragrances. Encased in noble flacons, Goutal's perfumes beguile the senses with graceful olfactory and visual aesthetics.