Acqua di Parma

Brand Portrait: Acqua di Parma

Acqua di Parma fragrances are a world unto themselves. They embody aesthetics, refinement and tradition like no other brand. We are happy to offer you this classic in our online store.

Since 1900, Acqua di Parma has been distributing its classic Eau de Cologne, which has always been produced in Italy and is intended for both men and women...

At the dawn of the 1960s a veritable perfume wave swept the Western world, and the brand was in danger of drowning amidst the mass-produced "trendy" fragrances, but the opposite happened. Acqua di Parma manifested itself as a firm anchor and became a fixture for all those who valued tradition and classic perfume craftsmanship over fast-moving fads. 

Representing taste and style - that is the premise to which this perfume house is dedicated, which is why Acqua di Parma has also been able to build a loyal community of lovers of notable personalities from art and culture, industry and science, and of course screen stars such as Cary Grant, David Niven, Audrey Hepburn and Ave Gardner. A touch of Hollywood and dolce vita.

There's no country in the world like Italy. It stands as a modern-day beacon of authority while tracing its roots all the way back to the days before Christ. In its long reign, Italy has conquered nearly every facet of life, from beauty to the law, to fine hand-crafted products. 

So, when the perfume house Acqua di Parma stepped into the soft Italian light, it did something right. It tipped its hat to this eternal country, paying homage to nearly every major city, from the shorelines of Capri to the flower fields of Tuscany. 

Although this beauty brand was incepted in the picturesque town of Parma, it's now a worldwide brand that carries the scent of luxury wherever it goes. Together, let's walk through the history of Acqua di Parma and then delight in each of their sensual majesties. 

Acqua di Parma: A History of Nobility

Acqua di Parma - water of Parma. This perfume house dates back to 1916. It started in a picturesque little town called Parma, known for its violets. And it all began with one of Acqua di Parma's most notable scents - Colonia. 

Breaking the Mold

Colonia was the perfume house's first scent, and it was created, in a manner of speaking, to break the mold. At that time, most of the fragrances worn by European men came from Germany. The scents were bold, strong, and intense. 

But, Colonia was created with a subtler, crisper scent. It was new and refreshing, and was received as elegant and sophisticated. Best of all, its welcome reception has carried onto today, making it a timeless and classic scent that endures. 

The Yellow Hatbox

About 20 years later, in the 1930s, Acqua di Parma evolved again. This time, they tipped their hats to something known as "Parma Yellow." It's a vibrant, cheerful shade of yellow that has graced the city's buildings since the 18th century.

Over time, it's become a trademark of the city and the perfume house paid wonderful tribute. Around this time, they began what's now known as their "hatbox" packaging.

One could say Acqua di Parma history really began when they started placing their ornate bottles into bright yellow cylindrical boxes. It upped the ante on their already superb presentation.

Continued Evolution

Clearly, the company was doing something right because, by the 1960s, they were still widely popular. Famous movie stars and anyone who embraced luxury clung to this scent. It was often rumoured that Cary Grant, Ava Gardner, and Audrey Hepburn wore Acqua di Parma Colonia. 

No matter who they were, even after fans used the whole bottle of scent, they often kept the bottle. It came in a chic Art Deco bottle that stood as a tidy little trinket even if it was empty.

Although the packaging and embellishments may have evolved, the formula never waivered. Even today, it maintains its rich base of Sicilian citrus, bergamot, lemon, and orange that unfolds with an insatiable hint of lavender and rose, steeped in wonderfully woody notes. 

The Early 2000s

Nearly a century later, the perfume house finally ventured outside the (hat) box. They birthed many new fragrances that burst onto the scene with major success.

In 2003, they began to offer a new scent, Colonia Assoluta, putting a slight twist on their classic fragrance. This scent offered all the freshness as its ancestor, with slightly tarter touches. They elevated some of that citrus scent, intriguing the nose of many fragrance aficionados. 

Iris Nobile

Then, in 2004, the ladies received quite a delight. Iris Nobile stepped into the spotlight, offering magic in a bottle.

This scent stands out with its iris petals, orange blossoms, vanilla, and amber scent. Many women equated it to warm cashmere, smelling like a million floral dollars. 

Magnolia Nobile

The perfume house's next scent paid homage to the sweet magnolias that line the shores of Lake Como. In 2009, they introduced Magnolia Nobile. It made anyone who caught a glimpse of this scent immediately feel as though they were whisked away to those very shorelines.

This scent is described as floral fresh with heart notes containing magnolia essence, lily of the valley, and freesia that sit delicately atop base notes of patchouli, vanilla, and musk. 

Gelsomino Nobile

After their nod to the Magnolia trees of Lake Como, the perfumery moved onto the jasmine fields of Calabria. This city beholds one of the last surviving jasmine cultivation sites for perfume-making in Italy. 

Gelsomino Nobile offers a light and airy scent with a fresher, greener aspect. It's described as a floral musk, with notes of bergamot, pink pepper, jasmine, and musk. 

Peonia Nobile

The next flower to dance onto the scene was the peony. This scent is, arguably, the perfumery's most floral scent. It's also touted as a feminine, passionate, and tender scent.

In Peonia Nobile, the scent of this flower mingles with Turkish roses, freesia, and geranium, all resting upon the gentle base notes of patchouli, musk, and ambergris. 

Rosa Nobile

In case peonies were a tad too strong for anyone's liking, the perfume house moved onto Italy's centifolia rose.

Rosa Nobile is a lighter, yet remarkable, scent steeped in rose petals with a soft base of amber and musk. The soft, muted pink of this perfume makes it a delicate and show-stopping bottle atop every woman's vanity. 

Blu Mediterraneo

Finally, one of the latter lines steer away from Parma's city living and take aim at the coastal regions of Italy. Acqua di Parma's "Parma Yellow," of course, pays tribute to the yellow-coated streets of Parma. 

But, the Blu Mediterraneo line whisks people away to the Mediterranean breezes that only Italy can offer. Every scent in this line evokes images of a seaside walk in Capri. But, truly, this line borrows from a few of the most elegant cities in Italy, including Capri, Tuscany, and Sicily. 

By and large, fans of this line breathe in scents of orange, woody cedar groves, and lemon trees. It's so luxurious and gratifying, the Blu Mediterraneo line expanded in several other directions. 

Now, it also bears the name of the company's skincare line. Consumers partake of their age-defying skincare line that will last through the ages, just like Colonia. Spas all across the globe offer treatments based on this well-scented, age-defying line of skincare products.

Blu Mediterraneo Arancia di Capri

Let's take a breezy, cool walk through Italy and explore some of the Blu Mediterraneo scents. First, there's Blu Mediterraneo Arancia di Capri. This is definitely the fragrance that sweeps people away to the shores of Capri. 

Described as relaxing and sunny, this eau de toilette features plenty of citrus scents including orange, mandarin, and lemon. It rests upon a sensual base of caramel and musk. 

Perhaps best of all, every bottle in this line comes in a sleek blue bottle with an ocean blue cap, and all the elegance of an Acqua di Parma creation. 

Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto di Calabria

This fragrance is described as uplifting, exuberant, and joyful. It's an eclectic mix of citron, bergamot, cedarwood, and red ginger.

It's definitely designed to awaken the senses, especially with its base notes that contain just the right amount of musk. 

Blu Mediterraneo Cedro di Taormina

Blu Mediterraneo Cedro di Taormina is meant to spring to life the clear, calm waves of a peaceful ocean dappled in sunlight. 

This is tailor-made for anyone dining a la carte beside an oceanside retreat. It's aromatic, boasting light, effervescent notes like citron, basil, lavender, and a smooth base note of cedarwood. 

Blu Mediterraneo Cipresso di Toscana

How can a line devoted to Italy not tip its hat to the sun-strewn fields of Tuscany? And here it is.

This is an alluring blend of elemi, star anise, orange, and lavender, resting upon soft base notes containing cypress, pine, and balsam fir. It's designed to set the senses alight, and it surely does. 

Blu Mediterraneo Fico di Amalfi

This is a scent meant to evoke images of a racecar dashing along the Amalfi coast.

This gorgeous scent is a part of the wood family, hanging on to gentle notes of citron, grapefruit, fig nectar, pink pepper, and jasmine. Its base notes align, too, with gentle notes of fig wood and cedarwood. 

Blu Mediterraneo Ginepro di Sardegna

It would seem as though this scent was designed for the wild-at-heart. It's for that man or woman who's racing down the Amalfi coast, but their hair is blowing wildly in the breeze. 

Fans of this scent quickly detect its flair when they breathe in nutmeg, pepper, pimento, bergamot, and juniper atop a soft base of cedarwood. 

Blu Mediterraneo Mandorlo di Sicilia

After the wild roar of Blu Mediterraneo Ginepro di Sardegna, the perfumery crafted Blu Mediterraneo Mandorlo di Sicilia. This is, perhaps, the balancing act to Blu Mediterraneo Ginepro di Sardegna.

It rests upon the opposite end of the scale, touting a softer scent. This eau de toilette comes in with gentle top notes containing star anise and bergamot, heart notes containing almond, and a delicate base of white musk and vanilla. 

Blu Mediterraneo Mirto di Panarea

As of today, this is the last Blu Mediterraneo scent to speak of. But, it wouldn't come as a surprise to uncover more over time.

Both fruity and aquatic, this scent contains top notes of myrtle, basil, lemon, and bergamot. Yet, its heart notes contain jasmine and marine breeze, met with a base of lentisque absolute, juniper, and amber.

Blu Mediterraneo Skincare Line

With all these delightful scents, it's difficult to stop with a spray here or a dash there. The Acqua di Parma brand profile is proud of their Blu Mediterraneo line and has come up with a wealth of skincare products to supplement these eclectic scents. 

For example, there's the Acqua di Parma Mirto di Panarea Body Mousse in a stunning 150ml bottle that's styled to resemble gorgeous Tuscan tile. 

Blu Mediterraneo features body lotions, powder soaps, oil diffusers, candles, body scrubs, and more. It's everything needed to earn its place in top-rated spas all across the globe, as well as personal at-home bathrooms. 

Things don't end here, though. With stunning blue packaging that makes people feel like they're immersed beneath the waves of the Mediterranean, there are facial serums that penetrate deep to ward off early signs of ageing, facial toners, facial cleaning mousses, eye cleaning oils, and more. 

This beauty brand dove deep into the cleansing waters of the Mediterranean and plucked out all the right ingredients to leave the consumer feeling Riviera fresh.

In a skincare line like this, it's not surprising to hear that there's a mask that's believed to work miracles, the Blu Mediterraneo Italian Resort restorative mask.

While many wear it as an overnight anti-ageing treatment, it's also been known to calm down the pangs of razor burns, enliven skin that's slightly hungover, and even quench the thirst that comes from a radiant day in the sun. 

Italy Through the Ages

Indeed, Acqua di Parma products have walked with Italy through the ages. What began in the 1916 fields of violets (that only Parma can lay claim to) has expanded beyond anyone's wildest dreams. 

With a mission to introduce softer tones into a man's choice of fragrance, Italy can now lay claim to an utterly unique array of scents. With nods to many major cities, including the shorelines of Capri and fields of Tuscany, this perfume house has done it all. 

Here at Essenza Nobile, we offer a wide array of Acqua di Parma products, including the classic Colonia, the Blu Mediterraneo line, Peonia Nobile, and Rosa Nobile. Peonia and Rosa are two of our hottest-selling items. 

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