Amouage - Material


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Head Notes
Elemi, Patchouli
Heart Notes
Vanilla Madagascar Absolute, Benzoin Resinoid
Base Notes
Guaiac Wood Oil, Oud Oil, Osmanthus Absolute, Frankincense Resinoid, Labdanum Absolute, Tonka Bean Absolute

Amouage - Material

What is tangible, what is illusion? Material, the paradox from Amouage's world of fragrances, awakens imaginary, disembodied sensations through its physicality - contradictory and yet real! A creation that encourages you to look beyond what is obviously visible, to take time to look further and let what you see expand your horizons. Amouage compares this experience to being in the middle of a summer forest, surrounded by warm, humid air, in the shade of the leafy canopy and among a myriad of hues, textures and sounds. All of them, woods, leaves and barks come together to form a vibrant, green-speckled whole - it is only on close inspection that individual textures, delicate patterns and peculiarities are identified, allowing the individual elements of the forest to reveal the fullness of their hidden details.

The fragrance:
Amouage composes Material as a fragrance that holds special, artfully arranged, subtleties for the attentive observer. An opening of elemi and patchouli oil creates the first hint of Amouage's chosen allegory of a multi-faceted forest, whose details fan out into ever finer observations the longer the gaze lingers on them. The heart note of Material, formed by a delicate vanilla absolute and the golden resin notes of the benzoin resinoid, deepens the previous impressions into clearer images from which individual notes shine forth again and again upon closer examination. Amouage's fragrance is embedded in a well-composed base whose diversity blends into a noble harmony. Guaiac wood oil united with oud and osmanthus, alongside incense resinoid and labdanum, rounded off by an irresistible tonka bean absolute - Material becomes a wonderful composition that can truly be discovered. Amouage dresses this special fragrance in one of its classically shaped bottles in warm orange-red, adorned with the fluted cap and the Amouage emblem in chocolate brown over gold letters.

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