Amouage - Memoir Woman

AmouageMemoir Woman

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Head Notes
Mandarin, Cardamom, Absinthe, Pepper
Heart Notes
Pepper, Clove, Flowers, Rose, Jasmine, Woody Notes, Incense
Base Notes
Benzoin, Oak Moss, Castoreum, Leather, Cistus (Labdanum), Herbs, Musk
Amouage - Memoir Woman

Leave you ensnare again from the female black swan.Topic from this fragrance by Amouage is the awareness of life of the Paris Bohème at the time of Charles Beaudelair. Baudelaire picked "Les Fleurs du Mal" (the flower of the evil) with 36 years. These poetry book with its cryptic poetry, reflects the human being of the 19th century in Paris. Their inner disruption between good and evil but also the dark romance and sweet melancholy of this time. This awareness of life is represented by a Flaneur. It is deep night shortly before midnight the Flaneur roams across in mysteriously dark wrapped narrow roads and close lanes. He feels its senses anaesthetized by absinth and opium. He follows a black fog the target of this journey remains however unknown for the Flaneur. The way leads into an unreal and dark world. A Déjà Vu! This unknown world reflects his alter ego - his memoirs of another person written long before his birth. Midnight - with the stroke of the church tower bell the black fog transforms into a female black swan. In fear of the black swan the Flaneur must follow him into the unknown. He must find out who it is.

The Scent

The opening to Memoir Woman forms a spicy absinthe note, it reflects the magic aura of the female black swan. Their metamorphosis is openend by a tube rose note, which is integrated on wondrous way into a chord of white flowers. Lisylang and orange blooms are helping the original character to move to a new dimension. Memoir Woman is an insistent odor which is settled off any gender-related allocations. Stressed by a dark and woody chord of cashmere, sandalwood and patchouli as well as precious resins and a seductive musk note. Tangerine, cardamom, pink pepper, pepper, rose and incense combines itself to an amazing and unique fragrance.

The Flacon

The flacon of Memoir of the Black Swan is black - black as the fog which gathers through the small and winding streets and alleys. A slight glance covers the precious black flacon like a glimmering drop of water from the fog. The packaging is inspired from the black fog which gathers through the street of the sleeping Paris.

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