Astrophil & Stella

Brand Portrait: Astrophil & Stella

Astrophil is a proud, determined and dreamy mortal. Stella an elusive, beautiful and lively deity. From their meeting comes the love that binds earth and the heavens in an embrace made of perfume and enchantment.

It happens that, triggered by the wishes of mortals, stars fall from the sky. This is what happened to Stella, who fell from the sky, attracted by Astrophil: a small light in the darkness of the earth. As she sank to the ground, she noticed something beyond light and distance: it was his scent that captured her heart.

Astrophil & Stella fragrances describe a cosmic love story, interpreted by the best perfumers of this world. The complete collection consists exclusively of Extrait de Parfums, created with the best raw materials of this planet.