Blend Oud

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Brand Portrait: Blend Oud


Blend Oud is a brand that takes its inspiration from the ancient art of attar perfumery of the Far and Middle East. 100% made and bottled in Italy, Blend Oud is a line of fine fragrances that seeks to recreate and pay homage to the old ways of making perfume. It was the Arabs, Persians, and Indian who first mastered the art of making perfume so exquisite they would make the Mughal emirs and princesses sigh with pleasure. Blend Oud captures the spirit of this art, which was handed down from father to son over thousands of years. 


All the perfumes under the Blend Oud name revive the glorious recipes and alchemies of these past wonders of the perfumery world. It is also a brand that focuses quite intensively on oud, one of the most precious natural elixirs to come for the steamy forests of the Far East, and long prized in Arabic perfumery for its mysterious, smoky, quixotic woody character.