Brand Portrait: BMRVLS

Molecular perfumes, as individual as the wearer themselves

Behind the cryptic letter combination BMRVLS there is a really "wonderful" message: Be marvelous - be fabulous, be wonderful!

The scents in the bottles of BMRVLS perfumes are as fabulous as the brand name promises. But first things first: First of all, there was the master hairdresser Battal Modica. He has already worked for labels such as Philipp Plein and Gucci, but has also appeared in the media in front of a large television audience - for example as a makeover expert on the German TV show "taff".

At the age of 24, he developed his first hair care product, "Holy Shine" hair oil - which soon became an international sales hit. Well... of course, he could have rested on this early success. However, the hair styling specialist resisted this temptation - and instead developed a whole range of innovative, sustainable hair care products, which over time also included some exciting perfume compositions.

Especially for this purpose, Battal Modica launched a tailor-made perfumery workshop in 2020. And at this point, things get interesting for us at Essenza Nobile - for several of the perfumes are molecular fragrances.

BMRVLS' molecule perfumes are radically minimalist. The molecular compositions consist of a few fragrance components, a blend of natural and synthetic molecules produced in the laboratory.
Its special feature: the final scent does not yet emerge from the pure perfume. Only when it comes into contact with the skin and in interaction with its special chemistry, the character of the perfume develops into its full bloom.

And this character is as individual as the wearer himself: his personal aura significantly influences how the perfume smells. Far more than with conventional perfumes, the individual skin and body chemistry of the wearer determines what character the fragrance ultimately takes on.

It is this special quality of his perfume compositions that Battal Modica means when he says:

"My creations are an invitation to choose the fragrance that suits you every day. Because I like the idea that every woman and every man can express a part of themselves through scents."