Boudicca Wode

Boudicca Wode: Show me how you smell - and I'll tell you what tribe you're from

When British independent fashion label Boudicca and out-of-the-box perfumer Geza Schön (creator of the cult Escentric Molecules perfume series, among others) join forces - you can rightfully expect sparkling things. And so it came to pass: Boudicca Wode, a fragrance for "fearless expressionists", takes us on a changeable journey through comforting warmth and Nordic coolness, animalic notes and olfactory abstractions. The name Boudicca Wode is derived from "woad," that dark blue plant extract used by the ancient inhabitants of the British Isles as war paint and tribal paint. "The scent," says Boudicca's Zowie Broach, "also marks you as a member of a tribe - but its distinctive feature is that it marks you in an invisible way."

Brand Portrait: Boudicca Wode

Painted cobalt blue, she went into battle against the Roman occupiers in 60 AD - Queen Boadicea. A legend was born!

In her honour, the English artist and designer duo Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby have dedicated a very special fragrance