Casa de Coca

Markenportrait: Casa de Coca

Beatrice Graf's roots lie in Peru and Germany. As the founder of Casa de Coca, she dedicates her fragrance compositions to the diverse richness of her South American country of origin. A fascinating cultural heritage and the lush abundance of nature characterise Casa De Coca's perfumes just as much as the mystical mythical world of the Andes. They reflect Incan tradition, embodied by the coca leaf and Peruvian pink pepper oil, combined with precious French oils from a Grasser manufactory. The fragrances created by perfumer Bertrand Duchafour pay homage to the beauty and magic of Peru, dressed in graceful flacons and crowned by an embossed gem serving as a cap. The imprint of a detailed coca leaf determines their shape, the aura of the respective fragrance their colour. As an expression of her attachment to Inca history, Beatrice Graf supports Peruvian initiatives for education and health with Casa De Coca.