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Eight & Bob - Nuit de Megéve

Eight & BobNuit de Megéve

180,00 €
6.000,00 € per 1 l

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Head Notes
Grapefruit, Bitter Orange (Petitgrain), Carnation
Heart Notes
Tonka Bean, Florentine Iris, Coffee
Base Notes
Vetiver, Tobacco, Musk

Eight & Bob - Nuit de Megève

With the construction of his haute-luxe hotel in Megève, Baron Maurice de Rothschild created a melting pot of shining stars, from the elite of the new, chic sport of skiing and local dignitaries to international diplomats and glamorous celebrities. Here in the secluded, picturesque Alpine region, the eclectic mix of social luminaries and genuine artists would meet, mingle, and relax together. The nights fizzled with the shared excitement of being young, beautiful, in love with art and with the splendor that surrounded them. It was a glittering group of people. A special time, and a special place.

It was in this setting that Albert Fouquet met the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. From the moment he met Annique, he spent every waking moment with her. Until, that is, he had to leave. But Albert Fouquet did not want to leave it there. He wanted to find a way to preserve forever the beautiful memory of his time with Annique in Megève. So he decided to make a fragrance to capture these precious memories of love in a way that only he could. Nuit de Megève is a fragrance that captures the blinding whiteness of the snow-crested peaks of the glorious Alpine region, where Megève itself is located. The cool, fresh notes of grapefruit and petitgrain conjure up the powdery, glassy coldness of snow, forming a sparkling blur that will wake your senses up and put a smile on your face.

In the heart, a softly spiced, clove-laden tonka bean spreads its nutty, sweet creaminess over the composition, warming the wearer from within, like the glow from an open fire in the grand hall of the Hotel de Megève. A waft of freshly-roasted coffee beans wafts through the scent, joining with the gladiolus note to provide a resinous, floral, but robustly dark base. In the far drydown, a dry, aromatic tobacco, earthy musk, and spicy vetiver wrap around each other sensuously, giving the fragrance a sturdy, rugged finish that will satisfy the romantic in you.

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