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Aedes de Venustas - Cierge de Lune

Regretfully, we've had to say goodbye to this product

Aedes de Venustas - Cierge de Lune

The Rose might be the queen of flowers - but as night begins to draw in and the rose begins to close her petals against the darkness of night, it is the turn of another Queen to reign.  Cierge or Selenicereus in Latin means cactus flower in English, but we prefer the French name for her - "Reines-de-la-Nuit", or Queen of the Night. A white, spiky bloom of incomparable beauty, she proves the central inspiration for Cierge de Lune. A firm favorite of the French Queen, Marie-Antoinette, her legions of admirers would often bring her a clutch of these flowers when paying court to her. Such was her love of these flowers that she allowed the greatest botanical illustrator of all time, Pierre-Joseph Redouté, into her private gardens to paint the flower. The renowned artist captured the tender but brilliant beauty of the cactus flower and preserved it for all eternity. Selenicereus grandiflorus – the latin name refers to the nobility of the bloom itself, but does not mention its divine scent. Ah, the scent of the cactus flower! As cool and clear as the night air itself – as sensual and velvety as the cloudless night sky in the desert. This Queen of the Night no longer reigns in the gardens of Versailles but instead now raises her scepter over the southeastern United States and Mexico.
Cierge de Lune is a fragrance that exposes hitherto unknown facets of vanilla - aromatic and aphrodisiac sides of the bean that enchant but also leave us with a taste of danger. Madagascan absolute was used in the place of the regular Tahitian vanilla to lend a smoky, almost incensey character to the fragrance and to insert an unsettling feeling of darkness and mystery. A smattering of hot pink pepper lifts the woody, leathery vanilla like a spackle of stardust across a dark night sky, the spicy, nose-tickling effect underlined even further with a sprinkle of black pepper. A dense carpet of interwoven animalic notes such as amber, suede, musk, and incense form the base of the fragrance and gives it a depth that contrasts perfectly with the powdery and sparkling spice notes in the top. An exciting fragrance as well as a soothing one, this is a must try for those who adore spicy vanillas and creamy orientals. Bravo! 


Fragrance Notes

Topnotes: Crystalline accord
Heartnotes: Vanilla absolute from Madagascar, pink pepper, black pepper, ylang ylang
Basenotes: Suede accord, incense, amber, musk

Aedes de Venustas
Zwei Visionäre eröffnen 1995 eine exklusive Boutique in New York - Aedes de Venustas. Kostbare Güter, feinster Luxus aus aller Welt laden in der "burgundroten Boutique" zum Verweilen und Entdecken ein. Ein Ort, wie er vor gedeckter Opulenz nicht gediegener sein könnte. Im hektischen New York, welches den schnellen Hyperkonsum fast schon zu zelebrieren scheint, wirkt die klassische gehobene Einrichtung des kunst- & liebevoll gestalteten Geschäftes wie eine Oase, verkörpert eine moderne Essenz der Besonderheiten und präsentiert seit nun fast zwei Jahrzehnten nur die feinsten & seltensten Perlen inmitten einer Gesellschaft des Überflusses. Karl Bradl und Robert Gerstner, Besitzer der Aedes de Venustas Boutique, sind nun auch selbst kreativ tätig geworden und lancierten eine kleine Linie ausgewählter Duftbesonderheiten. Aedes de Venustas ist in New York der erklärte Lieblingsstore zahloser Celebrities. Entdecken Sie bei uns nun die Kollektion, die in NYC schon längst das Gesprächsthema der Upper Class ist.
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