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By Terry

By Terry

By Terry

By Terry


« Women were missing a scent that I endeavoured to channel »

Terry de Gunzburg

In 1998, Terry de Gunzburg created the first ‘Haute Couleur’ make-up and launched her brand BY TERRY, a new benchmark for the premium beauty market and her philosophy of excellence is summarised in three key words. Creativity. Integrity. Quality.


By Terry - Be Mine

By Terry - Bleu Paradis

By Terry - Flagrant Délice

By Terry - Fruit Defendu

By Terry - Goutte De Mercure

By Terry - Rêve Opulent

By Terry - Rose Infernale

By Terry - Rouge Nocturne

By Terry - Soleil Piquant

By Terry - Terryfic Oud

By Terry - Terryfic Oud L'Eau

A unique and versatile woman

From her childhood on the golden Mediterranean shores, Terry de Gunzburg holds ecstatic, fragrant memories, such as that of the geranium petals that she used to stick onto her nails to create fairy-like fingers, the vibrant smell of the jasmine boiling in her grandmother’s stills and the aroma of lavender, from which her father, a doctor in pharmacy, knew how to extract the precious juices to make refreshing colognes.

This unforgettable collection of sensations and memories, served Terry de Gunzburg to embellish the plain reality and to unveil the touch of magic, wherever it may lay.

This quest for rarity takes her to the summits of beauty, where games and emotions are intertwined and where she excels as soon as she joins the legendary Carita sisters. Demanding discipline and endowed with fabulous generosity and a meticulous eye for detail, she only settles for the best. She designs for extraordinary women and creates extraordinary tools.

From the famed Touche Éclat that she invented whilst heading up makeup design for Yves Saint Laurent to the bespoke pigments that she created specifically for her own brand By Terry, nothing is impossible for this make-up legend. With a hunger for opulence that shines through all of her creations, after years of reflection, she starts a new chapter of her life.

An exceptional enthusiasm

Formulated in Grasse in the purest form of tradition, the scent collection by Terry de Gunzburg celebrates the rare and the precious:  from the luxury of time that was given to perfumers of the respected Maison Robertet to develop each fragrance, to the freedom to use exceptionally high quality raw materials and limitless creativity. Iris butter, absolute tuberose, rose essence and ylang ylang, all used in highly concentrated levels to form a bold olfactory palette that allowed Terry’s scent fantasies to come true.Created without compromise, these five eaux de parfums perfectly reflect the designer’s passion.

A Kaleidoscope of inspiration
Captivated by the intricate work of Haute Couture embroideries, excited by the contemporary art masters that she has been collecting for years and fascinated by plant science and it’s botanical mysteries, Terry was looking for her perfect fragrance “fit”. Just like a vintage couture dress, a precious stone or a sky-high stiletto.Her scents are infused with the paradoxes of a woman who loves the extravagance of a breathtaking décor, as much as the easy beauty of a garden in May.

5 pure scents

"I explored the rarest ingredients of the perfumery world for my First Fragrance Collection. An audacious alchemy between purity and intensity, extremes and simplicity. Fascinating accords of exclusive notes to enhance the skin and captivate the soul."



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