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Hayari Hayari - Collection Origine - Secret Mystique

95,00 EUR 100 ml = 135,71 €
incl. 19 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Family: Ambery , Aromatisch , Earthy , Woody , Spicy , Hesperid
Gender: Ladies , Gentlemen


Hayari - Collection Origine - Secret Mystique

The Wolf's Secret - Mystical, Woody, fascinating!

The Fragrance
Like a sacred connection, a new secret and mystical energy - this is how SECRET MYSTIQUE presents itself within the COLLECTION ORIGINE-line by HAYARI. The fragrance reveals its mystical secret; we close our eyes and find ourselves in the middle of a pine forest. Mysterious and unfathomable. In the middle of the silvery clearing stands the wolf; connected to the moon; brought to life in the top notes by Zibet, which enters into a woody-animalic and captivating connection with the dry wood of the Virginia cedar. Sweet-fruity aromas of tangerine invigorate cashmere and guaiac wood, freeing the other woody instincts of the heart note. An intense and all senses sharpening fragrance bouquet, which at the same time is wrapped in balsamic-fine myrrh and gives the composition a spiritual, cleansing and reconciling character. Aromatic notes of noble saffron, sweetened with a dash of orange in the heart of the cleverly composed eau de parfum provide strength and spiciness, which is then captured by the base notes and flows into an irresistibly appealing base. Warm-earthy amber, combined with full-floral cistus and exotic-sensual patchouli give the fragrance - initially smoky, dry and woody-cool - an animal side that inspires confidence and reminds us that the wolf, despite its dark, unfathomable nature, also unites loyalty and a kindred spirit. Free your strong instincts and allow yourself to experience a mystical fragrance that will fascinate and surprise you!

The collection 
Animals have always been a source of inspiration, spirituality and creativity. They stand for an image that represents our own character, our deepest feelings, as well as our most hidden sides. HAYARI succeeds in translating this idea into three unique fragrances in the Maison's new perfume line "COLLECTION ORIGINE". Three exclusive eaux de parfums that invite us to become even more conscious about both our deepest inside as well as our surrounding outside, perceiving that each individual is unique. A fragrance myth that strives to represent our origins in their purest form. Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard chose three predators and the fascination that people have always shared for them.
ÂME FAUVE is represented by the Tiger - symbol of splendour and power within a luxurious universe. 
ESPRIT INFINI is emitted by the falcon's flapping wings, which merge with energetic sunrays in the air. 
SECRET MYSTIQUE is embodied by the wolf. He leads us to the mysterious secrets of the constellations and the moon.
Originality is the central concept of the new line. Each perfume has its own animal universe. The fragrances not only express a return to nature - they all have something animalistic and original in common - but also does the collection radiate aesthetics and grandeur, both in terms of the choice of animal symbols and elegant design. Premium raw materials are combined into three unmistakable unisex scents that appeal more to the individual than to gender. A refinement that continues in the design of the bottles. The silver box set and the the animal symbols convey modernity and timelessness, while the names were chosen to reflect the essential way of encountering the animal.


incl. 19 % Tax excl. Shipping costs

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Fragrance Notes

Topnotes: Myrrh, Virginia Cedar, Cashmere Wood, Tangerine
Heartnotes: Orange, Saffron, Guaiac Wood
Basenotes: Patchouli, Cistus, Ambergris

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