Gentlemen's Tonic

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Brand Portrait: Gentlemens Tonic

Gentlemenâ??s Tonic is a unique barber shop establishment that was launched in Mayfair in the year 2004. It provides an extensive range of unique and glorious luxury grooming products that combine traditional values and innovative ingredients which are put together to form entirely new and fashionable formulations.

With an excellent blend of the old and the new, the brand provides a wide range of products, which remind you of the traditional methods used in the 1960?s but which also have some of the latest sophisticated inclusions in them. With meticulous care taken on the quality control in all the products that are produced under the brand, the establishment promises that its products are created for each and every category of men without any compromise in the quality, which remains customized through and through.

The product line launched in 2008 is created for the home grooming needs of men. The ingredients used are free of chemical products and synthetic materials. The cosmetic collection has a wonderful combination of organic raw materials that are obtained from renewable and sustained resources. The bespoke fragrance line has lavender for relaxations and bergamot for energy. The range includes protein conditioner, daily shampoo, daily foaming cleanser, moisturizing hand balm, aftershave cream and classic shaving cream.