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Diptyque Diptyque - Légende du Nord - Amande Exquise - Scented Candle

60,00 EUR incl. 19 % Tax excl. Shipping costs


Diptyque - Légende du Nord - Amande Exquise - Scented Candle

Welcome, dear ones, to the tale of three travelers who made an arduous journey to the land of eternal snow in the North, in an attempt to learn the secret of this wintery mystery and perhaps purloin it for themselves. The secret would only reveal itself after the three travelers had performed a specific ritual, which began as all three gathered in a tight circle around a single candle. Each participant had a specific role to play in the ritual. While a bell was chiming, the traveler from the west poured a vial of seawater over a centenary pearl. He also threw it into the candle flame and began to chant a song about the power of the forest and its balsams. The southern traveler held a marzipan ball in one hand and a glass and gold bell in the other. He threw it into the flame of the candle and sounded the bell in the clouds of smoke, also singing. At the last sounding of the bell, the traveler from the east threw pine needles into the flames at his feet and began to dance his song. The secret to eternal winter was revealed to them by the spirits by morning.
In honor of this special story, Diptyque has released new candles that mirror the experience of each individual traveler. 
Amande Exquise honors the contribution of the mysterious traveler from the south, who during the ceremony holds a ball of marzipan in one hand and a glass and gold bell in his other. The sensual scent of crushed bitter almonds, smoky tonka bean, and the innocent, fluffy marzipan lightness of heliotrope will intoxicate and soothe you the moment you light this exquisite candle. It speaks to the comforting warmth of delicious baked goods at Christmas, but also to the softness of tiny purple flowers. 
Notes: bitter almond, heliotrope, tonka bean



incl. 19 % Tax excl. Shipping costs

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