J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin

Brand Portrait: J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin

Berlin air, Berlin fragrance
At the time piano maker Johann Friedrich Schwarzlose sets up his drug store on Markgrafenstrasse 9 in 1856, Berlin is a major city. No wonder that an interest awakes for perfumes.

Lacking fragrant lavender fields and roses pampered by lots of sunshine as those distilled for the production of perfumes in the South of France, Berlin makes use of the achievements in their industry. Thanks to a rapidly developing science, perfumes are made affordable to everyone.

Founded in Leipzig in 1829, Spahn & Büttner is the cradle of the German perfume industry. They deliver those scents that also form the basis for fragrances created by the family Schwarzlose well into the first decades of the 20th century, such as their best seller ?Rosa Centifolia ? the scent of the deep red garden rose?, ?Hymen, jasmine in natural perfection?, the ?German First-class fantasy perfume Royalin?, or the ?popular perfume for men by the name of Finale?.

Although fashion around 1900 still calls for perfumes imitating the natural fragrance of a blossom as closely as possible (lilies of the valley, violets, roses, or lilac are the dominating scents of that time) the art of composing olfactory fantasies becomes increasingly important. Perfumes based on several notes appear on the market and enrich the store displays in forms of flasks, soaps, powders, and pocket sprays such as ?Chyperana, a Chypre perfume?. The product line is expanded by adding air fresheners, hair oils, eau de toilettes, and smelling bottles; all presented in a wide range of intensity and package design.