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Nobile 1942 - Shamal

Nobile 1942Shamal

210,00 €
2.800,00 € per 1 l

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Head Notes
Incense, Herbs, Apple
Heart Notes
Base Notes
Woody Notes, Musk

Nobile 1942 - Shamal

Warm. Captivating. Mysterious.

"As the Shamal blows, gentle yet unceasing, bringing with it the fragrance of dates mixed with burning incense, the pearl fisherman lies there blissfully, tasting some fruit as he resists that temptress, sleep." A note from the brand. As gently warm and spiced as the trade wind for which it is named, Shamal is a perfume of great charm. Oriental in inspiration, it draws upon the ancient glories of frankincense, amber, and musk, ingredients deeply redolent of the spicy resins and fabrics that might have once travelled the Spice Route. Opening with a dry, lemony frankincense and a crisp green apple note, the first impression is that of wonder: how does such innocent fruitiness co-exist with such an old, churchy-smelling resin? The apple creates a deep, luscious dried fruit nuance that runs quite close to the musky sweetness of dates, an ingredient as ancient as the frankincense with which it is matched. Ah, now, see the connection is made: the combination is perfectly mellifluous. A dry, warm amber, crusty with the crackling brown sugar crystals of bubbling resin, forms the dark balsamic base of this scent, the hot breath of the Shamal trade wind sweeping you across the desert. There is a dappled gold ripple at the core of Shamal that seems to generate its own heat. Melting into the polished grain of ancient woods and the thick haze of oriental musk, the scent finishes in a soulful rendition of everything we love about the oriental theme.

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