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Paglieri 1876 - Cortina

Paglieri 1876Cortina

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Paglieri 1876 - Cortina

"Some call it an escape from stress, I call it the desire for freedom and beauty. Cortina is beautiful, a fairytale, everywhere I look my eyes meet green woods framed by the peaks of the Dolomites.

I lose myself in the windows of Corso Italia, an incredible mixture of past and future that meets even the most exquisite taste: from furniture, to fashion, to incredible and irresistible design.

I am thrilled by the climate and the feeling of freedom, finally a place where I can breathe again. A walk in the woods on one of the many paths opens my mind and makes me feel at peace with myself and with the world. In the silence of these places I only hear the sound of a waterfall and an intense scent of wood, resins, eucalyptus and conifers, which remind me of incense.

A powerful and enveloping nature, where you can get lost and find yourself.
I will take with me from this wonderful journey the scents and the free and deep insight it gave me and which I shared with my travelling companions".

A woody and spicy fragrance that evokes the atmosphere of forests and mosses, mystical, intimate and contemporary. It meets exactly the taste of those who love freedom and endless horizons.

It surprises you with its imposing base note of modern woods, from which the warm, harmonious, deep and spicy notes of guaiac wood stand out. The heart, with its fresh and spicy attack of green and rustic notes, is carried by this arrangement of woods and mosses.

The concise, camphor-like pine note is softened by spicy and warm thyme, pepper tree and a light incense.
A fragrance that warms and envelops, recreating the cosy atmosphere of mountain huts, where the crackling wood in the fireplace provides warmth and revitalisation for body and soul.

A journey of the senses, full of mystery, leading to free horizons, an encounter with oneself and with the desire to listen to one's inner depth and beauty.

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