Parallax Olfactory

Brand Portrait: Parallax Olfactory

Creatively experimenting, Linda Sivrican, award-winning founder of Capsule Parfumerie, explores the unknown in her Parallax Olfactory collection, giving it space in imaginative synthetic compositions. Abstract perfumes that make the extraordinary accessible in a delightful way and open up new perspectives get to the bottom of complex themes. What may seem astonishing at first is transformed in the resulting compositions into innovative fragrances of undreamt-of fascination. In its perfumes, Parallax Olfactory explores scenarios that cannot be determined by the characteristics of their aromas. They break up classic scent patterns and intentions to create their own complex image, a previously non-existent fragrance.

The perfumes of the Parallax Olfactory collection by Capsule Parfumerie, as fragrances made manually in Los Angeles, respect the art of handmade perfume and explore its most remote corners in experimental compositions. Using synthetic fragrances, they create clean, absolutely extraordinary perfumes that exude an adventurous, sometimes oddly challenging, but always surprisingly appealing allure.