Salle Privee

Brand Portrait: Salle Privée

Salle Privée was created in 2016 as a luxury brand. As a relatively young label, it benefits from the long experience of its creator Patrick Munsters. Decades in the fashion industry had allowed Munsters to develop such a keen eye for what constitutes the quintessence of men's fashion that he was willing to present it under his own fashion label. His concept of holistic style consistently captivates with clarity, elegance and the finest materials of the highest quality. In this way a brand of classic elegance with a unique charisma could be established. Salle Privée reflects to perfection Munster's conviction that true style cannot be reduced to fashion but can be extended to every facet of life. Each garment is designed for timeless relevance. Thus there is a unique selection of iconic pieces that fulfil the role of a complete men's wardrobe. Signature pieces that represent the master craftsmanship of Italian tailoring, destined to create an incomparable wearing experience through the highest quality and to emphasize the unique style of each man. Salle Privée deliberately refrains from rigidly adhering to summer and winter collections - moving away from fleeting trends towards classic design, each of the selected garments is available regardless of season. The fashion line is complemented by the Salle Privées fragrances. For Munsters they form an essential part of its holistic style concept. According to his philosophy, these fragrances present themselves as timeless, durable and classic. Noble ingredients of the highest quality come together in each of these eau de parfum creations to create their own unique moods. They form a versatile and ideal wardrobe, curated by Patrick Munsters and created by Dutch perfume designer Tanja Deurloo. While Salle Privèe's fashion was originally designed for men, the fragrances are aimed equally at women and men and have been developed to be worn on their own or, depending on taste, varied and blended. In this way, moods can be created and emphasized in an incomparable way. In terms of fragrance, color, name and inspiration, all Salle Privée fragrances are completely consistent. Drawing on images from Patrick Munster's memories, they pay tribute to his visual world of aesthetics and style, which is based on elements of art, architecture, design and photography and is significantly influenced by the sharp lines and minimalist aesthetics of the 1970s.