Saskia Diez

Brand Portrait: Saskia Diez

Invisible olfactory jewelry

Saskia Diez is an independent jeweller from Munich, Germany. Known for sophisticated and distinct creations, the company has had a prolific rise since its launch in 2007. All of Saskia Diez?s designs display great elegance and gentle subtlety, yet at the same time are playful and sexy. Every collection is a new interpretation of classic jewelry design, giving each piece a contemporary look as well as a timeless aesthetic.
Like a person?s character, Saskia Diez Jewelry unfolds before the eyes of the beholder, showing different facets and aspects every time you look at them. Saskia Diez Jewelry has generated remarkable editorial attention of both national and international media and is featured consistently in Vogue, Elle, Elle decoration, Monopol, Monocle, Interview, Zeit Magazin, Madame, Madame Figaro, InStyle, Gala, Mixte, Flair, Nylon and many others.Saskia Diez Jewelry is sold in selected concept stores in all important metropoles.

In November 2013, Saskia Diez successfully launched her first ?invisible olfactory jewelry?, two perfumes named GOLD and SILVER.

Saskia Diez in her own words:
"Gold & Silver Saskia Diez is my first series of eau de parfum, developed together with Geza Schoen. We wanted to give a scent to gold and silver, two metals that are strongly connected to my work. Two metals that have no smell. But think of gold and silver and you kind of know how they could smell. We wanted to create an invisible olfactory kind of jewellery. In November 2013, Saskia Diez successfully launced her first invisible olfactory jewellery."

About Saskia Diez

Saskia Diez Born 1976 in Kranenburg, Germany, Saskia Diez completed a classic apprenticeship as a goldsmith and went on studying industrial design. She worked at various design studios, including Rosenthal and Konstantin Grcic, before setting up her own studio in Munich, Germany. Her designs plays with cultural references and display influences of art, fashion and industrial design, reflecting the zeitgeist without being trenddriven. Saskia Diez lives with her husband and their three children in Munich.