Serge Lutens

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Brand Portrait: Serge Lutens

Traveler in time, an expression that could very well define Serge Lutens. He is also an architect of dreams, for it is indeed as an architect that Serge Lutens has constructed for more than 30 years an ?uvre with a style so powerful, it opens us up to a new world - or rather worlds. It is as a visionary that he details an extraordinary olfactive universe for which he imagined, down to the smallest detail, Les Salons du Palais Royal, a veritable jewel box dedicated to the perfumery of Serge Lutens. Traveler in time, Serge Lutens reveals through his perfumes the essence, of the myths that populate our dreams and live in our imagination. His creations are neither reconstitutions nor dependent on ancient formulas. Instead, Serge Lutens captures the spirit of perfume, combining in subtle harmony the rarest, most authentic essences. He constructs a universe of perfumes that is liberated from conventions and explores forgotten territories, territories abandoned by contemporary perfumery.