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Zwyer Caviar Skincare


Zwyer combines Swiss precision with highly concentrated active ingredients and innovative technologies. Aiming to be the crème de la crème of high-end skincare, Zwyer has harnessed the power of one of the most powerful raw materials available to cosmetic care - caviar.
Caviar is one of the most valuable anti-aging ingredients available on the market thanks to its naturally rich mix of valuable trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids. The highly synergistic combination of these individual components is what makes caviar so valuable. 
So, what do you get in the Zwyer products that make them so superior? In addition to the patented Zwyer Caviar extract, the active complex contains valuable peptides, microalgae cell plasma and a biovector enriched with water lily extract. The peptide acts against cellular DNA damage. Cell plasma from a desert microorganism also acts to detoxify the epidermis and provide the skin cells with fresh energy. A biovector enriched with water lily extract clears the skin and reduces inflammation. 
Because only the best is good enough.
Zwyer, an ethical Swiss company, attaches great importance to the sustainable production of the Zwyer caviar extract. In order to meet the highest quality controls and also to meet its ethical and corporate social responsibility standards, the company selected one of the purest rivers in the world, the Rio Negro, to be the source of the caviar used in all Zwyer products. This river is located in an untouched natural reserve. The sturgeon in the river are farmed according to globally accepted principles of organic food production. The entire manufacturing process is subject to the strictest environmental, social, and economic guidelines.
The result: true luxury – and the ultimate tool for achieving timelessly beautiful, well-groomed skin.


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