Tauer Perfumes - Data Miner - Innovator's Soap

Tauer PerfumesData Miner - Innovator's Soap

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Tauer Perfumes - Data Miner

The inspiration for Data Miner comes from the artisan's studio. The studio is located in a Florentine cafe, which buzzes with the aromas of this ancient Renaissance town - newly tanned fine leather for ladies gloves, the silvery brightness of noble Florentine iris rhizomes piled high in carts outside, and the scents coming from a kitchen garden behind the café, full of sprightly lemon and herbs. These divine aromas combine to keep the mind alert and focused on the present, while still mindful of the glories of the past. They allow us to understand the world better.

The term "Modern Craftsman" can be found on the packaging - but what does Andy Tauer mean by the choice of this phrase exactly? With this series of soap, Andy seeks to challenge our understanding of what it means to be a craftsman - what it means to craft anything by hand - in a day and age so utterly dominated by technology and the relentless pace of change. In industries such as energy, hi-tech, and digital media, products and ideas become obsolete almost as they are being launched on the market, overtaken by the next big innovation. This makes for an exciting world for the consumer. But what of the artist, the craftsman, the individualist who works alone and slowly in his studio, spending weeks, months, or years on a single work of art? What place does craftsmanship hold in our modern society? With his Innovator's Soap collection, Andy Tauer offers us a series of meditations on his ideas of how the craftsman can work with and inside such a fast-changing environment. These soaps smell as exciting as the future, but also draw us back gently to the elemental forces of nature that do not change except for with the passage of time and season.

Soap fragrance composition

Data Miner uses carotene seed oil to reproduce the cool, vegetal aroma of orris root, and lemongrass to produce a nuance that is both lemony and herbal at once. A deeply smoky styrax oil has been added for a leathery effect, completed with a touch of thickly powdered benzoin resin, which gives the soap a balsamic, and slightly spicy-woody backdrop.

Please note:

The soaps are black due to the activated charcoal that's been added to them (for skin benefits) and not due to any artificial dyes. Activated carbon is a very porous material with a high absorbency, binding itself effectively with dirt and excess sebum, and when washed off, removes those impurities completely. Its use in this soap is as an "absorbing agent".

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