Tiziana Terenzi - Orza Extrait de Parfum

Tiziana TerenziOrza Extrait de Parfum

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Head Notes
Green apple, Calabrian mandarin, red plum from Romagna, coconut, raspberry, blackberry, Mexican magnolia, Himalayan orchid
Heart Notes
Indian jasmine, Bulgarian rose, lily of the valley
Base Notes
Amber, Australian sandalwood, benzoin, white musk, Malagasy vanilla, caramel

Tiziana Terenzi - Sea Star Collection - Orza

"Orzare" means "to luff" in Italian. To luff is a term from the seaman's language. When luffing, the bow of a sailboat is moved in the direction of the wind so that the side from which the wind blows changes.

In the perfume Orza, this change of course and perspective stands for a new point of view that arouses astonishment - and brings new challenges with it.

The fragrance

Orza starts with a rich explosion of fruits: Green apples, Calabrian mandarins, red plums from Romagna, coconuts and wild berries from the Dolomites are caressed by Mexican magnolias and the intensely sensual scent of an enchanting Himalayan orchid. When "luffing" the heart note, flowers of Indian jasmine, Bulgarian rose and lily of the valley appear.

After this trip into a sea of flowers, the perfume "luffs" again - and sets course for Australian sandalwood, amber, benzoin, ... and a deliciously sweet blend of white musk, caramel and Madagascar vanilla.

The Sea Star Collection

The Sea Star Collection is a gift from Tiziana Terenzi to her brother Paolo on his 50th birthday. Paolo is a passionate sailor. Whenever his time permits, he sails out to sea in his sailing boat called Telea.

The Terenzi siblings are children of the Mediterranean. Grown up in Cattolica located on the Adriatic coast of Italy, they have a special relationship with the sea and its unique magic. They grew up in a world where they were surrounded by the colors, the scents and the sound of the sea.

With the enchanting symbol of the sea star, the Sea Star Collection embodies their shared passion for the manifold wonders of the sea: the poetry of the sea, whose deep blue silence can turn into roaring bluster in a short time, ... and whose rushing waves have inspired the dreams of sailors and seamen for ages.

My ship is my treasure
My God is my freedom
my law, strength and wind
My only home, the sea

José de Espronceda (1808 ? 1842)

The bottle

The Sea Star bottle is a true "eye-catcher": A golden creature from the vastness of the sea lies on the bottle, embracing it while guarding its precious contents. The sea star, made from the traditional goldsmith's art using granulation technology, is not only a visual, but also a sensory highlight. Tip: slowly stroke the fine knobs and golden pearls of the sea star with your fingertips! It's said to be a pleasure similar to tingling salt water on the skin...

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