Und Gretel

Brand Portrait: Und Gretel

Natural cosmetics have never been more glamorous!
Und Gretel is a natural cosmetics line of the Berlin-based international make-up artist Christina Roth, who, with her partner Stephanie Dettmann, has set itself the goal of a professional decorative cosmetics line with natural ingredients to meet the highest standards. Intensive, strong colors, fine textures, and long shelf life were a basic requirement here.
Until now, many make-up products from the natural cosmetics segment left these aspects waiting. Together, they created high-quality products, with highly pigmented, multi-faceted, and long-lasting colors, whereby the greatest value and care was placed on high-quality natural ingredients so that BDIH certification could be achieved. The result after four years of work is "a consciously reduced and carefully coordinated range that uncompromisingly focuses on the highest quality and includes all products necessary for a complete makeup." Both founders believe that decorative natural cosmetics have nothing to do with abandonment and compromise.
It should not only look good but also support and maintain natural beauty with its pure ingredients. All products have been developed and perfected with the greatest care. As the name natural cosmetics already says, no experiments on animals took place! It came exclusively from natural ingredients, from ethically correct and sustainable production.