Zarkoperfume - Oud-Couture


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Zarkoperfume - Oud-Couture - Eau de Parfum

Originally a serum-based perfume, Oud Couture has now been rendered in Eau de Parfum format, which takes the original's 40% concentration of oils and diffuses it in perfumer's alcohol, allowing the scent to be sprayed and dispersed evenly all around the wearer's body, not just on the pulse points. The advantage to the Eau de Parfum format is, of course, the tremendous increase in power, projection, and sillage. The same skilful combination of traditional fragrance-making techniques with modern molecular science, but now in a convenient Eau de Parfum version! Just perfect for when you want your scent to broadcast a powerful message about your personality and who you are.

As in the original serum scent, Oud Couture Eau de Parfum takes as its starting point molecule 234.38, a special and mysterious molecule that interacts with one's own personal pheromones to create a scent that will differ greatly from person to person. This molecule was stored and aged for 6 weeks in small wooden French barrels, the interior of which had been slightly burned so as to infuse the mixture with even more smokiness and depth. The result is a full-bodied, oak wood scent that smells of earth, polished wood, and the sweet curlicues of woodsmoke in the still autumn air.

Zarkoperfume Oud Couture reflects the cutting-edge Danish design focus of the brand itself, which was founded by Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov in 2014 as a way to say something about the bleak and yet ever-changing Nordic landscape, but in a modern, edgy manner that challenges conventional ideas and norms. Oud Couture is a scent designed to make us question what we know of the age-old, traditional material that is agarwood, and to view it from a new and wholly surprising angle. Craftsmanship, tradition, and cutting-edge design aesthetics all merged into one perfume. If you try one woodsy perfume this year, let it be this one.

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