Carthusia - A'Mmare


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Carthusia - A’Mmare

In the midst of the azure waves of the Gulf of Naples lies Capri - a spot of earth whose reputation as a paradisiacal summer island already aroused the longing of minds in antiquity and which still enchants with its pristine beauty today. The rock formations washed by glittering wave crests, mysterious grottos, boats leaping up and down off the coast and colourful house facades, surrounded by lush Mediterranean flora - these are the features that characterise the image of this small island, whose irresistible appeal is due to its harmonious grace and pleasantly vital nature. Like all Carthusia's fragrances, A'mmare is characterised by a deep connection to its origins on Capri. Created exclusively from raw materials taken from the island's natural environment, Carthusia conceives its special, exclusive perfume creations and, with A'mmare, combines the essential oils of the island's herbs, released by the sun's rays, with the salt crystals of the sea. A refreshing dive and a subsequent walk with unparalleled coastal views, reveal their fascinating discoveries in A'mmare. Together with corals and woods, Carthusia's fragrance becomes an olfactory homage to the island's botanical diversity. It is also represented in the fragrance's bottle designed by Paola Tassetti. Detailed, artistic drawings of the plant world entwine the inherent magic of Capri.

The fragrance:
In keeping with Carthusia's tradition, A'mmare is created as a purely handcrafted perfume using the highest quality ingredients from its island of origin, Capri. Its exclusive composition starts with the striking notes of marine salt crystals, surrounded by citrusy bergamot notes and the uniquely aromatic character of rosemary. They expand into an aquatic moment from which the freshness of sunlit mint leaves shines in invigorating waves. Bedded on a base created from patchouli and musk, the harmonious, well-accentuated image of A'mmare resounds as a tribute to its olfactory roots.

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