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Markenportrait: Zarkoperfume

Zarkoperfume: Molecular fragrances made in Denmark

When it comes to perfume making, Denmark has been a blank spot on the map so far. But one man is working with a lot of inspiration and innovative ideas to change that: Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov is currently the only perfumer in Denmark - and with his molecular fragrance brand Zarkoperfume he is writing (not only) Danish perfumery history.

"A perfume is nothing without human skin."

Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov

The perfumer: Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov

"For almost as long as I can remember," says Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov, "I've dreamed of creating a fragrance that captures the unique climate, lifestyle and aesthetics of my homeland Scandinavia." In 2008, the Dane with Yugoslav roots decided to realize this lifelong dream - and began to study the art of fragrance production. The learning process lasted more than half a decade: "I invested more than five years in my studies to become a perfumer," he says, "to represent the unique Nordic lifestyle in the form of a fragrance line."

"It was an intense and often difficult journey. And as I now understand, it's a lifelong endeavor." The man who says this is in the extraordinary position of being able to call himself "Denmark's only practicing perfumer". The only one of its kind, so to speak - or also: the very first. Because his perfume line Zarkoperfume is real avant-garde perfumery. Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov captures Nordic lifestyle with highly innovative fragrances, combining classic fragrance oils and French-style perfumery art with complex molecules.

Zarkoperfume? Zarkoperfume!

But what is Zarkoperfume actually? Zarkoperfume is the perfume brand of fragrance pioneer Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov. This exclusive brand captures the essence of northern Europe, appealing to women and men who love both culture and aesthetics. Each fragrance is unique in its own way and tells a special story that only the wearer can complete.

Zarkoperfume: a brief history

Zarkoperfume was founded in 2008 by Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov. As a native Scandinavian, he wanted to create perfumes that paint a picture of his beloved homeland. For this reason, Zarkoperfume was created with love and passion in mind. Pavlov understands the craft of perfumers very well and sees it as a lifelong commitment. As for him, every fragrance is a work of art.

Perfume art with molecules

This perfume collection is about the complete experience from start to finish. Not just about the brand name. The names of the fragrances are not chosen at random, or because they sound nice. Instead, they are a representation of the many notes contained in each bottle.

With Zarkoperfume, the fragrances merge with the personal aura of their wearer. Their body odor is the basis on which the entire spectrum of perfumes is unleashed - and on which the fragrances ultimately become as individual as people themselves.

Pearls of molecular perfume art

This is particularly evident in the case of the Eau de Parfum MOLECULE 234·38, on which the Danish perfumer worked for six years and which is considered to be his masterpiece. The fragrance even won the Beauty Dreams Award 2014 - as product of the year. Described as "a love affair", it is considered a sensual and light perfume. It is considered a unisex fragrance and can smell woody or sweet depending on the wearer.

The molecular perfume interacts with its wearers - and even reacts, seemingly wondrous, to their physical and mental state. Unique in its composition, it is considered a "phenomenon" and not just a perfume. It mixes with your natural pheromones to create a unique scent for you. And like a fine wine, it opens up and changes its fragrance profile the longer you wear it - for around ten hours.

Just as lively on the skin is PINK MOLECULE 090·09, an interpretation of the fusion of Nordic elements and rosé champagne. The perfume is a homage to the Nordic spring. Known as "the Heartless", it evokes the scent of pink champagne and is made of pink molecules.

INCEPTION is inspired by the film Inception itself. Like that complicated film, this perfume has complex, deeper layers. MÉNAGE À TROIS is an Eau de Parfum for women with musky yet fruity notes. And yes, it's as sexy and daring as the name suggests. Like a ménage à trois itself, it is a connection between three things - which in this case are molecules.

THE MUSE is a little mysterious and yet inspiring. There are no top and base notes, but a blend of oud, cotton and fresh musk, resulting in a clean yet warm perfume. OUDISH, on the other hand, blends the aroma of dense forests with a sea breeze, while the wooden-barrel-aged MOLÉCULE NO. 8 tells of an icy polar night in the far north.

The Cloud Collection

The CLOUD COLLECTION is also outstanding - the first perfume that reacts to its surroundings, the weather and the personal aura of the wearer. Once shaken for four or five seconds, the liquid becomes milky, separates into two phases - and at the bottom of the bottle, fragrance molecules begin to bubble and glitter mysteriously. This effect is particularly impressive when the fragrance bottle is held up to a light source.

The special fragrance series includes No.1, No.2 and No.3, each inspired by the natural world of Denmark. This is also reflected in the appearance of the bottles, each of which has a different colour.

No.1 has a burnt orange color and is an innovation similar to the Molécule fragrances. It is said to change depending on the current climate or the aura of the wearer. Fragrance notes include sea buckthorn, jasmine absolute and a driftwood accord.

No.2 has a silvery-blue color and a scent profile meant to represent the tones of a dull Danish day. It is recommended to shake the bottle before application to see the particles coalesce. After that they will separate again.

No.3 is green in color, representing the lush Nordic forests. The notes of the fragrance pyramid are pear, Danish berries, dark rose accord, white magnolia, tulip accord, black vanilla, warm earthy accord, sandalwood and light musk.

Without a doubt: The Zarkoperfume fragrances are alive - in the bottle as well as on the skin.

What does the media say about Zarkoperfume?

Cosmopolitan editor Nicole Holcroft named Molécule 234.38 as her favorite fragrance. She says, "I love how fresh and crisp it is and I swear it changes throughout the day as more notes come through." This perfume clearly delivers on its promise of evolving in its fragrance over the course of a day.

The fashion and beauty online magazine Fabelish praised the perfume as well. They also commented on the packaging, noting that it is of great importance for fragrances. Fabelish said they liked the "crisp white freshness of the boxes and the simple design of the bottles."

Beauty nerd blogger Lariesa tested Oud'ish and only had positive things to say. After commenting the clean packaging, she moves on to the notes of the fragrance. She praises it, saying, "Most fragrances that contain oud seem to be very heavy, but this one is just so light, warm and happy."

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