Brand Portrait: Zarkoperfume

Luxurious, seductive, innocent, exhilarating, intimate. What do these words all describe? Zarkoperfume.

This exclusive brand captures the essence of Scandinavia and speaks to those who love the culture as well as the aesthetic. Each perfume is unique in its own way, telling a story that only the wearer can complete. 

Keep reading to learn more about the world of Zarkoperfume and what others are saying about it. 

A Brief History 

This treasured perfume brand was created in 2008 by Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov. As a Scandinavian native, he set out to create perfumes that painted a picture of his beloved home. For this reason, Zarkoperfume was created with love and passion at the forefront. 

Pavlov truly understands the craft of perfumery and sees it as a lifelong undertaking. And to him, each fragrance is a work of art. 

Fragrance Innovation 

These perfumes are about the complete experience from start to finish. Not simply about the name of the brand.

The fragrance names are also not chosen by accident, nor because they sound nice. Instead, they are a representation of the many notes each bottle contains. 

This brand is also changing the world of perfumes with innovation, particularly with Molécule 234.38.

It is unique in its composition and considered to be a "phenomenon" rather than just a perfume. This fragrance mixes with your natural pheromones to create a scent unique to you. And just like a fine wine, it will open up and change scent profiles the longer you wear it, lasting about ten hours. 

The Cloud Collection 

The Cloud Collection is a new and welcome addition to Zarkoperfume, already rising in popularity. This line includes No.1, No.2, and No.3 which each take inspiration from the natural world of Denmark. This is showcased in the look of the bottles, each with a different colored liquid.  

No.1 has a burnt orange color and is an innovation much like the Molécule fragrances. It is meant to change based upon the current climate or aura of the wearer. Notes from top to bottom include buckthorn, jasmine absolute, and driftwood accord. 

No.2 has a silvery blue color and scent profile, meant to represent the tones of a bleak Danish day. It is recommended that one shakes the bottle to see the particles run together before applying. Afterward, they will separate once again. 

No.3 is green in color, representing the lush Nordic forests. Notes from top to bottom include pear, danish berry, dark rose accord, white magnolia, tulip accord, black vanilla, warm earth accord, sandalwood, and bright musk. 

Bestselling Zarkoperfume

The Zarkoperfume collection has many choices, but there are some favourites among them. 

Zarkoperfume Molécule 234.38 is highly sought after and even won the 2014 Beauty Dreams Award for Product of the Year. It is described as "a love affair" and deemed to be a sensual and light fragrance. Considered to be a unisex scent, it can smell woody or sweet depending on the wearer.

Pink Molécule 090.09 pays homage to the Nordic spring. Known as "the heartless one," it is bubbling with the scent of pink champagne and formed from pink molecules.

The top notes you will find include elderflower, black orchid, and apricot. The middle notes are ripped out, hence the name, and the base notes include mahogany, cream accord, and black wood accord. 

Zarkoperfume Inception takes inspiration from the film Inception itself. Like this intricate film, this perfume has deeper levels the more you smell it. These six layers include ozone, citrus, floral, spice, greens, and woods. 

Ménage à Trois by Zarkoperfume is for the ladies with it's musky yet fruity notes. And yes, it's as sexy and daring as the name implies.

Like a ménage à trois itself, it is a bond between three things, which in this case are molecules. Notes range from aromatic musk to crushed watermelon. 

The Muse is a bit mysterious yet inspirational in its scent. There are no top and bottom notes, but rather a blend of oud, cotton, and fresh musk, creating a clean yet warm perfume.  

Oud'ish contains Oud, which is a luxurious ingredient used in a variety of perfumes. The notes are woody and earthy, coming from materials such as Indian green tea, white musk, and ambergris. 

What Are Others Saying? 

Cosmopolitan editor Nicole Holcroft labeled Molécule 234.38 as her favorite fragrance. She says, "I love how fresh and crisp it is, plus I swear it changes throughout the day as more and more notes come through." This perfume clearly makes good on its promise to evolve in scent over the course of a day.  

Fashion and beauty online magazine Fabelish spoke highly about the perfumes. They also commented on the packaging, noting that it's of great import for fragrances. Fabelish said they liked the "crispy white freshness of the boxes and the sleek design of the bottles." 

The Beauty Nerd blogger Lariesa reviewed Oud'ish and had only positive things to say. After commenting on her enjoyment of the clean packaging, she discusses the notes of the fragrance. She compliments it by saying, "most fragrances that contain Oud are very heavy on me, but this one is just so light, warm, and happy." 

High acclaim all around from experts of the beauty world.  

The Scent of Scandinavia 

Become a muse, be heartless, have a love affair, engage in ménage à trois. Whatever the fantasy may be, wear Zarkoperfume to fulfill it. Live the Scandinavian lifestyle to the fullest.