Carner Barcelona

Brand Portrait: Carner Barcelona

It?s not only about creating scents but also about evoking memories, sharing experiences and transmitting emotions.

Sara Carner Founder

Conceived out of sheer desire to create authentic sensorial experiences, CARNER Barcelona is an exclusive line of perfumes that draws inspiration from genuine human emotions, experiences and the landscape of the fleeting yet meaningful moments of life.

CARNER Barcelona?s collection of fragrances are finely crafted aromatic works of art created with the utmost quality ingredients by esteemed perfumers who are indeed, true artisans known for their brilliant creativity in the world of fine fragrances.

Although each CARNER Barcelona fragrance is a succinct and extraordinary aroma all its own, there is a common accord seamlessly blended into each creation that is evocative of the brand philosophy: distinctive scents for individuals that choose to indulge in the luxury of being unique.

Sara Carner

Born and raised in the idyllic Catalan countryside amongst five brothers and sisters, Sara Carner always had a passion to explore which has taken her far beyond the borders of the sprawling fields of her childhood to urban businesses and cultural epicenters. This and her rather early fixation with collecting scented candles and perfume bottles would culminate in her realizing an adulthood dream.

After having worked in finance and in an aim to explore new challenges, Sara packed up her home and her husband and headed to New York City, the city where dreams are made. While completing her MBA at the prestigious Columbia University she caught the entrepreneurial spirit that would later help her to materialize her love for fine perfumery. She worked alongside the best in the world of luxury fragrance craving an experience that would allow her to connect with her creativity. All the while, carrying with her fond memories of the people, places and unique moments that had made her life back home so special.

The awaited day arrived when her passions and hard work fused together. After years of working amongst the best in the business of cosmetics, and a continuous search to create authentic aromas inspired by true emotions and experiences, CARNER Barcelona was born. Sara returned home, to Barcelona, and poured parts of herself, her experiences, her thoughts and dreams one droplet at a time creating a reality of what was once a far-fetched fantasy. Working alongside the most recognized noses such as Daniela Andrier and Christophe Raynaud, Sara brought her aromatic desires to life, creating unique perfumes that she can now share with others.

Coming from a long line of Spanish leather artisans, Sara has infused CARNER Barcelona with the culture of Spanish workmanship collaborating with the best local designers and suppliers in the creation of the brand and its perfumes.