Clive Christian

Brand Portrait: Clive Christian

This British Perfume House was first established 135 years ago by Queen Victoria when she gave her crown to the perfumery in 1872 as a symbol of utmost quality and excellence. Clive Christian revived this perfumery in 1999 and inspired by the rich history and high quality from the 1800?s and driven by his philosophy to design without reference to costs or trends, he created No 1- The World?s Most Expensive Perfume. The definitive Clive Christian collection comprises of three Perfumes for Men and three Perfumes for Women ? 1872, X and No 1

Wearers of Clive Christian Perfume are extraordinary. They have to be. How else could they reflect the bewitching authenticity and intense exoticism of incomparable craftsmanship embodied in every bottle since 1872?

That was when Queen Victoria granted the Crown Perfumery Company permission to emblazon her crown on its bottles. Every bottle of Clive Christian bears this mark of distinction to this day. It is where the brand description begins. 

The Clive Christian brand has since revived the grandiose and lavish fragrances of days gone by. It has brought them with a flourish into the twenty-first century. 

Clive Christian does not symbolize tradition. Rather it draws from the finest history that perfumiers have brought to life with passion, in pursuit of perfection. Extraordinary, in a word.

A Revival of Victorian Splendour

Creativity, complexity, and concentration. These three qualities blend with the fine craftsmanship of the Clive Christian brand.

From the outset, Clive Christian sought to redefine the perfume experience. Yet at the same time, he used every scent to trace the inspiration drawn from the founder of modern perfumery, Pierre-François Lubin.

The association with the royalty of timeless, elegant scents predates Queen Victoria's reign. Yet their intrinsic nobility anticipates the future with a freshness that embraces the best of life and love completely.

The revival of historical finesse is the essence of the modern brand. Magnolia, which assumes prominence in the Noble Collection, captures this sense of refinement.

Each bottle in the Noble Collection bears Roman numerals in royal purple. The inscription lends ample class to its presentation. It also hints at the nobility of its contents.

Classic is Part of the Brand Description Too

As reflected in the Original Collection, the Clive Christian brand is a cut above the best. It manages, seemingly without effort, to cater to both masculine and feminine sensibilities. This heady yet subtle range showcases citrus, floral, woody, oriental, and spicy perfumes by turns.

Chypre perfume is a meticulously constructed fragrance. It is classy, classic, and emblematic of this collection. As you can guess, Chypre is the French word for Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.

It's possible that this fragrance was popular in Roman times, perhaps because it was classic, yet exotic at the same time.

Structured Chypre fragrances bring with them a dry warmth. Oakmoss provides a woody-mossy aura, modified by bergamot, labdanum and patchouli, and accented with floral or fruity elements.

While revival plays to the brand's essence, the classic exoticism of the Original Collection harks back to love's ancient roots. 

The Feminine and the Masculine Editions

Clive Christian's artistry and craftsmanship offer olfactory pleasure to men and women.  They enable the subtle layering required to adapt each perfume concept to the best effect for men and women.

Clive Christian is not a one-type-fits-all brand. The brand tailors to specific profiles, and to specific tastes. The versatility of Clive Christian for men complements the breadth of vision contained in the Clive Christian for women offering.

This is what makes the gamut of Clive Christian perfumes extraordinary.

The Extraordinary Private Collection

A sense of the extraordinary pervades the brand. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Private Collection. It celebrates extraordinary moments and rare, precious ingredients from the orient and elsewhere.

They are a striking evocation of exquisite memories.

Concentration is key, as any luxury perfumier will confirm. It assures longevity and purity, ideals that resonate with the Clive Christian brand.

Pure Pleasure For the Connoisseur

Purity, depth, body, and longevity characterize the Absolute Collection. The brand itself strives for these qualities in all its creations. With the Absolute Collection, it achieves the epitome of incomparability.

This rich, oil-based collection echoes splendor and opulence. The fragrances pay tribute to purity. They honor the connoisseur's sense of perfect, hedonistic equilibrium.

The No1 Imperial Majesty once earned recognition as the world's most expensive perfume. The same recognition for several other of the brand's creations is testimony to the brand's absolute excellence. The No1 Passant Guardant is a case in point.

Delight and Discovery

The sparkly notes of the brand are delight and discovery. The extraordinary beings who adorn themselves with Clive Christian perfumes delight in discovery. That is why the sheer delight of the chandelier teardrop stopper in every bottle enhances the ritual of putting on perfume.

That is why Clive Christian helps clients find the perfect perfume to suit. The perfume house devotes a webpage to its Discover Your Scent perfume wheel.

That is why the brand offers gift sets so that you can share your delight with your friends on special occasions. And let them embark upon their own journey of discovery.

And that is why the Clive Christian brand has extended the fragrance experience to luxury scented candles. Discover in them the top, heart, and base notes of the brand's most loved perfumes from the Original Collection.

Exceptional and Extraordinary

The Clive Christian brand description is as complex and as distinct as its fragrances. The brand is everything a perfume lover would want in a signature scent. It's as if each precious drop encapsulates the olfactory dimensions of time and space.

A Clive Christian Perfume offers a depth of substance that envelops its wearer in sheer sensuality. The kind that makes for extraordinary dreams.

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