Fragrance Du Bois

Brand Portrait: Fragrance Du Bois

Since its founding in 2013, Fragrance Du Bois has been exploring the mysterious and complex nature of oud in its artfully arranged creations. Collaborations with notable master perfumers result in fragrances that explore the known and stage the unknown to create unique, innovative olfactory experiences that unfold free of all the usual limitations. To realise its fragrances, Fragrance Du Bois gives its perfumers unrestricted access to precious, invariably high-quality raw materials and a free hand in the process of designing their creations, so that they can create something unique out of passion and vision. In the twenty-five visionary creations of Fragrance Du Bois, shapes and colours, places of longing, seasons and geometric structures unfold their scented magic into sublime, soothing perfumes. Each Fragrance Du Bois perfume is encased in a faceted flacon whose fine cut, embossed Fragrance Du Bois logo and curved glass base create the impression of a precious gemstone. Crowned by a golden cap adorned with Swarovski crystals, it waits to be discovered, nestled in a handmade velvet box lined with satin, a precious jewel that is pleasantly soft and heavy in the hand.