New Notes

Brand Portrait: New Notes

As an innovative representative of the young perfume generation, New Notes presents impressive contemporary fragrances whose compositions break with rigid gender roles and clichés. Selected high-quality raw materials combined with precious hi-tech molecules form novel olfactory directions that play with attractive charm, exciting contrasts and supposed dissonances to finally unite in unpredictable harmonies. Ecologically sustainable, New Notes surprises with elegant, genderfluid compositions whose dynamic grace boldly invites us to transcend patterns and expand horizons. Woven into emotional fragrances, associations of art and nature, ethics and aesthetics connect with the skin. New Notes understands the interplay of fragrance ingredients and skin as the fusion with the final component. Indispensable, it perfects the olfactory sensory journey of New Notes. Thus, supported by the uniqueness of each epidermis, the warmth and chemistry of a fragrance evolves to unfold its personal aroma, radiant in sublime beauty. Imaginatively designed packaging, manufactured in an eco-friendly way using recycled materials and vegetable inks, envelops the minimalist design of the New Notes flacons. Their graphic lines draw the eye to the engaging aromas within. New Notes invariably creates its fragrances as complex experiences whose distinctive flair includes the feel of the bottles, the sound of the spray and ultimately the feel and smell of perfume on the skin.