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Dr. Vranjes

Brand Portrait: Dr. Vranjes Room fragrances

Dr. Vranjes has captured old-world Italian charm and mystery with its unique marine-inspired scents. Each Antica Officina dr. Vranjes product is hand made and presented in an elegant antique inspired apothecary bottle. Antica Officina dr. Vranjes strives to maintain excellence by using the world's finest essential oil and natural ingredients. The Antica Officina dr. Vranjes collection draws inspiration from the mystery of the Mediterranean ocean and the serenity of the Tuscan garden.

The Antica Officina dr. Vranjes collection encompasses a range of products for the home and body and wardrobe. Our Home fragrance scent the world's most luxurious homes with refined ambiance and flawlessly crafted scents. Our bath and body collection nourishes the body and uplifts the senses.

"This is my kingdom. These are my musical notes!", enthuses Dr. Vranjes, surrounded by an organ of vials and jars containing a total of 2,000 essences. "2,000 different notes with which I try to compose my olfactory memories."

Room Fragrances by Dr. Vranjes - made in Grandfather's spirit

Dr. Paolo Vranjes is a chemist, pharmacist - but for decades above all one thing: perfumer and producer of noble room fragrances. And that with all his heart, body, and soul. The year was 1983, when Dr. Vranjes, a native of Bologna, founded the "Antica Officina del Farmacista" in Florence. The choice of location for his fragrance manufactory fell quite deliberately on the capital of Tuscany: Florence, characterized by rich art, culture, and Renaissance beauty, is the Italian city of perfume par excellence, with a long and proud tradition in the distillation of noble essences and fragrances. No other place in Italy seemed as suitable to Dr. Vranjes for the production of his room fragrances. Dr. Vranjes' passion for fragrances goes back to his childhood days. "Perfume culture was virtually laid in my cradle," he recalls. His grandfather, a silk merchant with a great passion for fragrant essences, played a significant role. He had a collection of perfumes in a mysterious room, which magically attracted the young Paolo Vranjes: "I was fascinated by the secrets these fragrances held. Where did they come from? What was so special about them? And how does new magic happen every time you mix them?" Questions that his grandfather could answer him. One day, the time had come: "My grandpa noticed that I was there - and with an understanding smile, he invited me to keep him company. He made me promise not to touch anything. After that, we spent many more days together. My passion for essences and my culture were born in that room." And a whole "culture" is indeed what Dr. Vranjes created - a culture of stylish room fragrancing, also referred to by Dr. Vranjes himself as "olfactory decor".

There are now more than 30 different fragrances available from Dr. Vranjes Firenze, sold in 65 countries around the world. Each room fragrance is provided with a recommendation in which premises it can best unfold its olfactory effect: From the entrance hall to the dining room, bedroom, or living room, to the work and study area. The high-quality products of the Florentine room scent forge immerse entire rooms in baths of emotions coagulated into the scent and at the same time give them a unique, sublime nobility - sometimes with delicious Italian fruits and flowers, sometimes with mystical spice aromas that transport us to dreams of faraway lands, sometimes as a fragrant ballad to the four elements or even to the four cardinal directions.

And then there is the Collection Fragrances ("Fragranza da collezione"), the centerpiece of Dr. Vranjes' fragrance universe. In this exclusive series, a very special room perfume with a special theme is released every year: The thematic palette of this extraordinary collection ranges from Rosso Nobile - a fragrance ode to noble Tuscan wines - to the room fragrance version of the Italo cult cocktail Bellini to olfactory ballads to famous gardens in Florence.