Fragrance Samples & Cashback System

General information on ordering decanted fragrance samples with Essenza Nobile®

You have the option to order decanted samples from authentic fragrances in our online store. We offer decanted samples only, which are filled especially for your order by our team. The minimum order amount for absolute sample orders is 15 €.

You can reach this amount easily by ordering a few samples. This price includes the costs for the vials in which we fill your samples (approx. 3 ml), handling and shipping costs for shipping within Germany. The same applies to cosmetic samples.

Please note that the return of sample fillings and subsequent revocation after the preparation of paid samples is excluded under our terms and conditions. Unfortunately, we have to handle it this way, since each bottling is specially made for your order. Please also consider that the ordering of bottlings, due to the manual production, is associated with a longer delivery time. This also applies if a full-size product is included in the order. When ordering sample fillings, there may be fluctuations in the delivery time, since the speed of processing always depends on the order volume.

1. Free decanted samples with your order

If you order an item in its original size (an entire perfume bottle for example), you will receive decanted samples for up to 20€ without charge. Once you have an item in its original size in your shopping cart, you can add these samples to your cart without being charged. This free addition is not possible with an absolute sample order.

Just put the desired samples and decanted samples into your shopping cart like a regular item. Our system will then automatically credit you the value of the samples up to a maximum value of the said 20.00 Euro.

Since our assortment is composed of fragrances from all over the world, we ask for your understanding if the desired item should not be available. In such a case, we will refund you the price of the sample prior to the shipping of the order.

Each sample can only be ordered once and it is not possible to add the same sample multiple times to your shopping cart.

2. Sample Cashback System

If you are registered as a customer in our shop, you can also enjoy our premium sample service with Sample Cashback System. This means that we will credit you the value of the previously purchased sample if you order an original full-size product of the item in a subsequent order.

Example: You order on 01 January as a registered customer a decanted sample of the fragrance XY for 5.00 Euro. Because you like it, you decide to buy a 50ml version of fragrance XY for 150.00 Euro on February 01. After you have logged in, our shop system will automatically credit the 5.00 Euro to your shopping cart once you put this particular fragrance in your shopping cart, so you only have to pay 145.00 Euro.


Order of decanted samples

  • Minimum order value: 15,00€
  • Within Germany and Austria generally free of shipping costs, outside Germany/Austria flat rate is 15,00€
  • Contains about 3ml
  • Decanted samples can only be placed once per order in the shopping cart
  • Unavailable samples will be refunded

Free addition of decanted samples

  • When ordering an item in original size, decanted samples with a total value of 20,00€ may be selected
  • The value of the decanted samples is automatically added to the shopping cart as a credit up to a maximum of 20,00€
  • Articles, where the option "Sample" is not available, are excluded as free samples
  • Unavailable samples will be refunded

Sample Cashback System for later order of original size

  • Only works for registered Essenza Nobile® customers, if you order as a guest, we are not able to credit the amount.
  • The value of the sample at the time of the purchase will be credited with the purchase of the original size of the same product.
  • Works fully automatically as soon as you add the item in its original size to your shopping cart.
  • Does not work with Discovery Sets or other testing opportunities. Only the order of decanted samples by us will be credited on future orders.

Notes on the product liability of decanted samples

The date of decanted samples is noted on all products filled by us.

We would like to stress that decanted samples of fragrances must be consumed within 6 months after the date of filling, decanted samples of cosmetic products within 4 weeks. For reasons of space, it is unfortunately not possible to list all the ingredients (INCI's) of the original product on the filling container.

A detailed list of the ingredients and all other information can be found on the outer packaging of the original products. Should you require these, please contact us. Of course, we will inform you about the ingredients and answer all further questions about your desired product.

Finally, we stress that ingredients of perfumes and cosmetic products can possibly cause allergic reactions. We therefore expressly advise against the use of these products by allergy sufferers and accept no liability whatsoever.

By placing an order for decanted samples you acknowledge the exclusion of liability.