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Vagabond Prince

Brand Portrait: The Vagabond Prince

Adventurer, explorer and romantic philosopher - this is the vagabond prince. We can meet  this character in many fairy tales, legends and stories - he is the hero who wins at the end, even as he takes steps we cannot always understand. He is constantly traveling on the paths of life, has to deal with all kinds of problems. Some become solved, some not, but at the end of the story he achieves his goals. His story, his task in life seems about finding his personal fortune. He is constantly on the road and is therefore also a symbol of the eternal evolution of humankind.
The fragrance collection "The Vagabond Prince" was designed in the USA. The nose behind the fragrance is none other than Bertrand Duchafour - a master of his time. The bottles, the fragrance and the packaging are produced in France.