Tauer Perfumes

Brand Portrait: Tauer Perfumes

?You need absolute freedom to create beautiful fragrances. And you need time. And the best ingredients you can get. That is the true mystery how to create thrilling fragrances.?


The Perfumes of Andy Tauer

Total creative freedom, all the time in the world and the best ingredients: If you give these three things to Andy Tauer, you can be sure that he will make something magic out of it...

Born in 1964, the doctorate in chemistry from Switzerland embodies a special type of perfumer in the field of niche perfumery: the "self-made perfumer". Without classical training as a perfumer, but highly passionate and blessed with great autodidactic talent, he creates superb olfactory artworks.

Andy Tauer came to perfumery in search of the "perfect, the beautiful, the exciting new fragrance". In the beginning he mixed essences just for himself and his friends. Delighted by natural perfumery and fragrant raw materials he taught himself the art of perfumery. And even today, you can feel the love for natural ingredients in his creations. But he also likes to use synthetic fragrances in his compositions and describes himself as a "border crosser" between these two worlds of perfume making.

Since 2005, Andy Tauer creates his perfumes for a wider audience. His debut fragrance Le Maroc pour elle he created for "Medieval Art & Vie", the Zurich-based bookstore of a friend with an affinity for Morocco. And already his second perfume composition L'Air du désert marocain was rated by renowned and influential perfume critic Luca Turin in his book "Perfumes The Guide" as a five stars masterpiece.

More perfume art works followed, such as the leathery-woody lone wolf ballad Lonestar Memories (2006), the frankincense variations Incense Rosé and Incense Extrême (2008), the gourmand rose fragrance Rose Vermeille (2010) or a sparkling blend of aldehydes and flowers called Noontide petals (2013).

Andy Tauer develops his fragrances in his home laboratory in Zurich. Due to the fact that he writes an own blog/web-diary in the internet where he shares his daily experiences as a perfumer with his audience, everybody who is interested in Andy Tauer?s work is able (and also invited) to look over his shoulder while he is composing masterpieces of perfumery

The Scented Candles of Andy Tauer

Like the iconic scents of the house, TAUER PERFUMES scented candles are an expression of the highest standards of quality, aesthetics and design. The candles are made of pure, natural wax from farm-raised crops and have a perfume content of 10%. So you will notice that even when not lit, the candles exude their pleasant and refined scent in the room and create a uniquely luxurious living ambience. The candles are fashioned in a high-quality, thick-walled glass, coloured in the characteristic "TAUER-Blue"; The deep blue that also characterises the brand's perfume bottles and which can be timelessly staged in your interior.