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Reinvented Parfums

Brand Portrait: REINVENTED

With the multi-layered compositions of its Luxury Blends Collection, Reinvented invites you to rediscover the ever-changing world and blur boundaries as your gaze wanders into the distance. Gradually, what was previously hidden becomes visible - detached and free, unimagined possibilities can be explored and both the eternal and the upheavals associated with transience can be seen in a new light. In fascinating fragrance arrangements, Reinvented formulates the complex, emotional and philosophical components of this motif as perfumes in its addictive Luxury Blends Collection. The graceful design of the house's dark glass bottles echoes the elegance of the Reinvented compositions. Their clear, minimalist lines combine the rectangular body of the Reinvented bottle with a pearl-shaped cap to create a visually and olfactorily impressive jewel.