1907: Young perfume house with vintage charme.

The Slovakian boutique perfume house 1907 is young and traditional at the same time: founded in 2014, it goes back to the legacy of the grandmother of its founder Eva ?kovranová. She once supplied the court of the Count Andrássy family with cosmetics produced by herself. One of the greatest treasures from that time is the recipe for a lily-scented eau de cologne - a family secret that is carefully guarded to this day. Production in small batches, raw materials from Grasse, a factory in Ko?ice, Slovakia: 1907 revives the glory of a bygone era - with new ideas and ingredients, but the same great love and passion for the fragrant profession.

Brand Portrait: 1907

The house of 1907 was founded in 2014 in Kosice, on the east of Slovakia. The brand itself is a homage to the founder's grandmother who was born in 1907. Being a cosmetic supplier to the court of Countess Stepan and Count Andrassy, the grandmother paved the way into the business of high-quality beauty products, always searching for ways to bring infinite beauty with nature's help. Two generations later, her love and dedication to beauty and refinement experience a renaissance in the work of her grand-daughter Evka - founder of 1907. A visit to Grasse - the legendary world capital of perfumery - and a few inspirational encounters with the so-called "noses" gave Evka the impulse to step into her grandmother's footsteps and bringing her heritage and soul back to live by founding a perfume brand which would have made her proud. 1907 always takes a look back in time, gaining inspiration from timeless ideas of beauty and aesthetics, preserving them and yet innovatively transforming them into unexpectedly contemporary luxury fragrances. The unconditional use of the finest raw materials, passionate craftsmanship and a consistent link to tradition and nobility - showing in the beautifully designed packing with the Fleur-de-Lis printed with real gold - makes each one of the 1907 creations a demanding, incomparable fragrance experience.