Kilian Parfum

Kilian Düfte

Kilian Hennessy was born into one of the most famous French dynasties of spirits and transfers, the sensibility and vision inherited from his ancestors to the world of fragrances. A culture of ultimate luxury and his bold, rule-breaking approach define his eponymous brand: KILIAN Paris.

KILIAN Paris was founded over a decade ago by Kilian Hennessy in 2007 and launched with an opus of ten fragrances. They tell of love and its prohibitions, of sin and innocence, of darkness and light. This duality continues to characterize the creations, aesthetics and stories of KILIAN Paris.


Today, KILIAN Paris offers a selection of fragrances within four olfactory families: The Narcotics, The Cellars, The Fresh, The Smokes and The Liquors. Inspired by the dark cognac cellars of his childhood memories to the most elegant evenings in Paris, where no desire is left unfulfilled ... Kilian explores the space that fragrances touch so powerfully, invisibly and irrevocably.

Brand Portrait: Kilian

With body and soul, Kilian stands for permanence, sustainability and unconditional luxury. Perfume, not just as a fragrance sensation, but woven into a sensually conceived overall experience, creates a portal in Kilian's universe to carefully drawn treasures of memory and atmosphere captured in perfection. Images from art and culture, cinematic but also culinary references emerge in the connections arranged by Kilian Hennessy from precious raw materials.

Listening to Hennessy's own explanations, one gets an impression of the modern implementation of classic perfumery at the highest level: "I want to put perfumery back on its pedestal by going back to the truth about perfume; back to the way perfume was made in the late 19th and early 20th century, but adding a contemporary twist at the same time."

The complex artistic process underlying Kilian's perfumes extends from the exquisite quality of each fragrance to its bottle, its accessories, and a perfectly designed case. The appreciation of these intricate works of art is exemplified by the opportunity to refill each bottle of the house. In this way, Kilian not only pays tribute to their refined aesthetics and wonderful haptics - he also creates bottles that stand the test of time and become cherished, everlasting companions. His family's devotion to high-end luxury goods is shared by Kilian Hennessy, who grew up in a cognac dynasty and whose childhood memories still flow into his creations today. In 2007, he clothed this passion in a new, distinct guise by founding his own brand.

His early interest in the peculiarities of olfactory sounds and their effects had previously been part of his studies in Paris and resulted in Hennessy's final thesis on the semantics of fragrances. Just ten years after its creation, the successful Kilian label already comprises more than 35 fragrances, which it unites in the collections "L'Oeuvre Noire", "Asian Tales", "In the Garden of Good & Evil", "Arabian Nights" and "Addictive State of Mind". Hennessy is constantly expanding Kilian's range. In addition to other fragrance creations, it now includes selected scented articles such as lotions, shower gels and creams, fragrant lipsticks, the finest incense, scented carafes and candles. Hennessy's fragrances are influenced by memories of his family's cognac cellars.

The warm woody tones of the barrels, sugary-sweet and volatile alcoholic nuances are found in many of his fragrance creations and create the magical atmosphere of an alliance of excellent ingredients, extensive knowledge and talent. Perfumes are created that are dedicated to continuity. Defying transience, Kilian's creations seem to stop time in its tracks, preserving emotions and impressions in an intoxicating and addictive way.