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Brand Portrait: Diptyque Fragrance

When you think of French fragrances, what brand names come to mind? One certain one might be Diptyque. In fact, this brand has some of the most luxurious perfumes available. So if you're a fragrance lover, then you don't want to miss out on what Diptyque has to offer.

If you're now interested in buying a Diptyque fragrance, then you'll want to know all about its history. Once you find out more about this brand, it'll be hard to resist buying their fragrances!

The History of Diptyque

In 2018, Diptyque celebrated its 50th anniversary as a fragrance brand! However, this brand has its roots before 1968.

Friends and artists Christiane Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet, and Yves Coueslant opened up their own boutique on Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris in 1961. They named it "Diptyque", which is the Ancient Greek word for a 2-panel image. This was a reference to the identical windows on either side of the boutique's door.

Their boutique flourished, as they offered high-quality artisanal items. You could find items from faraway places or handmade things that were just exquisite.

You'd be surprised, but Diptyque actually first tried their hand at fragrances not in the form of perfumes, but instead, candles. Today, these luxury scented candles are still extremely popular, which is a testament to how dedicated this brand is to its line of candles.

It wasn't until 1968 that Diptyque debuted their eau de toilette. It was named L'Eau and was actually influenced by 16th-century potpourri. This meant it had a scent that was highly reminiscent of pomanders, with familiar smells of rose, cinnamon, clove, and sandalwood.

From there, Diptyque continuously created incredible fragrances. Many were inspired by their travels, which meant they were able to offer a bit of exoticness mixed in with comforting smells. Understandably, this really spoke to French consumers and later on, global consumers as well. 

Diptyque's Introduction to the US Market

It wasn't until the 1990s that Diptyque expanded to the US market. What's unique about their prevalence in the States is that they're not mainly known for their perfumes.

Instead, the American market is captivated by their scented candles. When Diptyque first entered the US market, they started off selling their candles exclusively in just two stores.

However, the changes in 2005 (more on this later) caused Diptyque to switch gears. Instead of selling exclusively to two luxury stores, the brand opened up Diptyque stores. This resulted in 20 locations scattered across the nation.

The Manzanita Purchase

In 2005, this boutique was purchased by Manzanita Capital, which is a London-based private equity firm. But this didn't mean that the original founders stepped away. In fact, it meant the opposite. Both Gautrot and Coueslant stayed deeply involved in Diptyque, which meant the company would retain its integrity.

Diptyque's 50th Anniversary

To commemorate the occasion, this fragrance brand introduced 2 new scents: Fleur de Peau and Tempo.

As the name suggests, Fleur de Peau has a strong floral accent, mainly iris and hibiscus. You'll also notice scents of bergamot, angelica, Turkish rose, musk, ambrette, leather, and sandalwood.

As for Tempo, this scent is a nod to the '60s, as it has a strong patchouli fragrance. In fact, it uses 3 extracts of patchouli, which gives it a very complicated smell. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that it's won the Best New Men's Fragrance award from The Fragrance Foundation Awards London.

Diptyque Today

If you're a fan of history, then you'll be pleased to know that the original Diptyque boutique still stands at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain. This is located in the 5th arrondissement in Paris. But as you might've guessed, this popular fragrance brand has since expanded much further than Paris.

Today, not only do they have locations in the United States (San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City), but also London, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Doha. So if you're a jet-setter and find yourself longing for Diptyque scents, there just might be a boutique where you're traveling to!

Also, if you can't get enough of Diptyque's fragrances, then you'll also be happy to know that they've expanded their lines from just candles and perfumes. In addition, you can purchase their luxury skin and body care products, as well as car and home diffusers.

The Top Diptyque Fragrances

Has this company intrigued you now? Then you're probably wondering about the best Diptyque fragrance.

Here are all their most popular perfumes:

  • Eau Rose
  • Eau Duelle
  • L'Eau de Neroli
  • 34 Boulevard Saint Germain
  • Oud Palo
  • Do Son
  • Tam Dao
  • Philosykos

All of these fragrances offer their own unique scents, which means it might be worth exploring each one. Just because you choose the Diptyque best-selling fragrance doesn't necessarily mean you'll find the one that's right for you. So take the time to read the descriptions and select an eau de toilette that's perfect for you.

Try a Diptyque Fragrance for Yourself

Now that you know about the brand, it's perhaps time for you to try a Diptyque fragrance. After all, it's a luxury France fragrance brand, which means you can't go wrong. No matter which Diptyque perfume you choose, you're sure to get a scent that makes you smell a treat.

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