Profumum Roma

Brand Portrait: Profumum Roma

Luxurious Niche Fragrances from the Eternal City



Sometimes a smell is more significant than a photo or a picture. It is the decoding of feelings, emotions, atmospheres, déja-vu or desires that spread out and wrap us like honey until we drown in a unique moment of well-being... hallucinations of smells that take us everywhere: to the north of every south and the east of every west...

The philosophy of PROFUMUM ROMA is the concept of linking smell to a unique memory, emotion or atmosphere of well-being. It is not a fashion or an appearance, but rather a concept that is part of us and thus creates memories in a unique way through the most extraordinary of all senses - the sense of smell. Stories, facts, scents and emotions from an unconventional world - the world of PROFUMUM ROMA.  



It all began in Sant'Elena Sannita, a two-hundred and fifty soul town in the Molise region of Italy. At the end of the Second World War, Celestino Durante decided to leave his town and go to Rome with his wife Luisa. Soon the young people of Sant'Elena managed to prove their talent. The years pass and the names of these young people appear in the most beautiful streets of Rome. The scissors grinders of Sant'Elena became the most important perfumery of the eternal city. Meanwhile, Giuseppe, Luciano, Maria and Felice continue on their chosen path. Over the years, the four brothers and sisters acquire a deeper and deeper knowledge of the world of fragrances until they finally develop their distinctive style, which is made up of the synergy of the four creators.  



A fragrance consists of at least 8 to 10 essences. The basic components keep the upper hand in the construction of an odour. The concentration of these odours reaches 43% and thus exceptional durability of the fragrance on the skin. The result is a remarkable odour development within the first 30 minutes after application to the skin.