Brand Portrait: Xerjoff

An aroma, a tone, a spark of memory. Color that forms into an entire ambience. The infinite series of interconnected, synesthetic impressions. A perfume embodies the prelude to a journey of the senses initiated by fragrance.

The Intention by Sergio Momo and his Xerjoff fragrances

The founder of Xerjoff, Sergio Momo is always concerned with the true and pure in his strongly associative fragrance creations - in nature he can find all that, based on natural raw materials and free of any synthetics. Momo considers the sheer inexhaustible diversity to be discovered here, as he says, both a gift and an inspiration. To use what nature offers him in an optimal way and to transform it into high-quality fragrances is his way of accepting and appreciating this precious gift. His perfume creations were originally inspired by memories of the gardens of his childhood. Today, natural spectacles and historical influences also mingle among the impulsive elements of his work. In the process, Xerjoff's top-notch fragrances always bear witness to consummate perfection - excellence that Momo equates with absolute beauty in its aesthetics.

The Italian Soul of Niche Perfumery

The tamed wildness of his family's gardens, rank herbs growing in fertile Italian soil, lush floral arrangements, and crisp, aromatic vegetables. Fresh and wild fused into intensely vibrant compositions, these cornerstones of his work continue to haunt Sergio Momo to this day. What he creates are sensitive, magical fragrances whose magic, although intangible, has a truly striking presence. They open the mind to the landscapes of imagination and transport us to the sensual Italian gardens of his childhood days. Floral notes unfold here under the sun, the air filled with the busy hum of summer. Fruity sweetness and tart herbal notes resonate alongside the unmistakable dry clay of the baked earth - over it all hover a familiar, barely perceptible hint of nostalgia. Compositions that mirror these impressions result in an overarching, rounded reflection of nature in Xerjoff creations like the Mediterranean-citrus Naxos. Free from consumerism and stereotypes, these impressions of the clear and pristine are an invitation to let the mind wander and open to memory.

Xerjoff perfume thus seductively carries the buoyant lightness of Italy in all its opulence. Xerjoff's sumptuous compositions combine a variety of precious materials, some of them decidedly rare, with craftsmanship whose ancient knowledge dates back to well before our time. Based on this knowledge and complemented by the artistic influence so characteristic of Xerjoff perfumes, a fabulous world of fragrances opens up. Its radiant, timeless charm exerts an equally beguiling effect on the senses of its wearers, as well as those of the people surrounding them. Unmistakably intense yet effortlessly playful, Xerjoff's fragrances seem to be surrounded by a vital, pulsating aura.
Sergio Momo founded Xerjoff in 2004, dedicating his brand new artistic fragrance company to the credo "Naturae Xquisite" - "Excellence Of Nature". To this day, this clear motto has endured as Xerjoff's guiding principle and can be found in each of his special creations. Xerjoff Parfums uses exclusively and uncompromisingly natural ingredients of first-class quality for its fragrances. Synthetic substitutes, which have become widespread and are also quite respected in higher perfumery circles, are fundamentally out of the question for Momo's quality standards. Thus, for Xerjoff's Richwood XJ 17/17, not only real sandalwood is used, but the most aromatic form of the fragrant wood originating from Mysore, India. With its unique note, it gives Richwood the distinctively warm sandalwood character Momo strives for.

The Oud Stars Collection by Xerjoff

For the fragrances of the Oud Stars collection, oud of the highest quality is extracted by means of special distillation processes on plantations in Laos, Cambodia, and Borneo. The fragrance oil from the resin of the eaglewood tree has been considered a precious component for the production of exquisite perfumes for thousands of years. The intense and mysterious character of this noble raw material forms the basis of the individual components of each Oud Stars fragrance. In the manner of traditional oriental perfume making, Xerjoff creates and manufactures perfumes such as Zafar, Gao, and Alexandria II. Like their fragrant counterparts, these historical city names, which serve as namesakes for the distinctive perfumes, already exert an inspiring fascination. They come from the writings of Ibn Battuta, whose 14th-century travel descriptions earned him the nickname "Marco Polo of the Arab world."

The Shooting Star Collection

By contrast, the elegant fragrance creations Uden and Nio from the Shooting Stars collection are far more ethereal, like a gift fallen from heaven. Inspired by an awe-inspiring meteor shower that fell beyond the Sikhote-Alin Mountains in the mid-20th century, each box holds a veritable meteor fragment alongside its perfume bottle. A natural spectacle wrapped in fragrance, Xerjoff presents it in a unique and sensual way.
To date, ten Xerjoff collections have been created as part of Sergio Momo's extensive exploration of the world of fragrance. In addition to his biographical, there are also various historical motifs to which Momo dedicates himself.

The Vintage Collection Casamorati 1888

In a new edition, he succeeds in bringing Casamorati's unprecedented Art Nouveau fragrances back to life. In doing so, Xerjoff continues the story of the glorious La Fabbbrica di Profumi C. Casamorati, founded by Claudio Casamorati in 19th century Bologna. As in their origins, Casamorati 1888 vintage fragrances, once world-famous and now resurrected thanks to Xerjoff, combine the historical and artistic heritage of the glamorous era of Art Nouveau. As its own collection under the name Xerjoff, of course, the Casamorati line also stands for luxurious materials of only the best quality. Perfumes from this collection, such as the incomparable fragrance Lira, exude the fragrance of a tribute to Italy's art and culture in the times of the Belle Époque.

Come and Join The Club of Xerjoff

In a different context, the JTC collection is also dedicated to nostalgic flair. Under the title Join The Club, for which the acronym JTC stands, Xerjoff collects fragrances that tie in with an attitude to life associated with various groups and clubs. In a new, special way of perception, these perfumes tell their stories. Thus, in More Than Words, inspired by writer visions, it is the ramifications of imagined plot lines and the rustling of paper that can be divined. A club of literati united in the artistic temptation of the written word and rendered in an extraordinary fragrance scenario.

The Extraordinary Bottle Design

For Xerjoff Parfums, dedicating itself so much to beauty, sensations, and precious essences in the composition of fragrances means also paying very special attention to the design of its bottles. Like the perfumer's art, special attention is paid to its design, color scheme, and well-proportioned overall impression. While the classic shape of the bottle with its golden cap always remains unchanged, Xerjoff adapts its outer texture to the theme of its respective collection. In addition to the traditional production of transparent glass, Xerjoff has precious flacons flocked with velvet, made of quartz stone by northern Italian goldsmiths, decorated with hand-cut semi-precious stones, and made of Murano glass by a Venetian master glassblower.

A Xerjoff fragrance, therefore, cannot be reduced solely to its olfactory impression but offers an additional visual as well as tactile appeal in the form of its exquisitely crafted bottle. In their entirety, Xerjoff's fragrances are thus to be understood as small works of art in their fusion of material and sublimity - they convey to their wearers the feeling of exquisite quality in perfection.