Beso Beach

Beso Beach: How much sun, beach and sea fits into a perfume bottle?

"We feed the body and the soul Under this promising motto, the premium beach club Beso Beach on the most beautiful beaches of Formentera and the Mexican Caribbean provides extraordinary vacation experiences and first-class culinary delights. The perfume line of the same name translates the summery pleasures, the carefree beach spirit and the sunny maritime attitude to life of Beso Beach into fragrances that resemble a never-ending summer vacation by the sea. They tell of sea aromas and sun on tanned skin, barefoot walking on warm sand - and sweet kisses on the beach in the moonlight of an unforgettable summer night.

Brand Portrait:Beso Beach


Inspired by the waves, sunset, and beautiful people on holiday by the sea, Beso Beach is a fun collection of perfumes, each created by a famous perfumer in interpretation of the theme. With its laid-back, yet classy Mediterranean beach feel, you won?t want to miss these. There is no summer without Beso.