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Brand Portrait: Amouage

Founded over 25 years ago to reflect the wonderful heritage and tradition of perfumery, Amouage is a niche luxury fragrance house that draws inspiration from its birthplace of the Sultanate of Oman. Devoted to creating finely blended perfumes with the highest quality of ingredients sourced from around the world, Amouage brings artistry to perfumery with incomparable distinction.

Lead by CEO, David Crickmore, the House adopts an inventive approach to all its creations. Original and evocative, Amouage perfumes are created by internationally recognized perfumers in Grasse in the South of France under the guidance of Amouage Creative Director, Christopher Chong.

Inventive and evocative, the various collections of the House of Amouage are synonymous with a lifestyle sought after by the most discerning international patrons.

The History of a Signature Scent

Although there are many perfume brands and scents accessible to the public, none are as culturally rich and richly-scented as Amouage is. We thrive to examine here what Amouage is, how its history plays a role in the brand, and what varieties users prefer to use on all occasions.

In ancient Arabia, perfumery was one of the greatest art forms known to man. Though people often attribute the proliferation of perfume to 16th century France, Europeans learned perfumery from Arabs beginning in 3500 BC. Egyptians- the first people to begin making perfume- made incense that exudes a smell as it burned and called it 'per fumum,' which meant 'through smoke' in Latin. This is where the word 'perfume' comes from.

This art faded in the Middle East in popularity over time. That's why in 1983, Oman's Sultan Sayyid Hamad bin Hamoud al bu Said set a goal: he would restore this Arabian art to his kingdom.

To achieve this vision, he established a luxury perfume house called Amouage in Oman. He actively encouraged the use of traditional Middle East perfume ingredients as a throwback to perfume's history. Despite being actively entwined with Middle Eastern culture, the first Amouage scent- Amouage Gold- was created by a French perfumer named Guy Robert.

What is so special with Amouage fragrances?

Clearly, Amouage perfume is a global effort that stems from the Middle East all the way to Europe. As a result, its scents each incorporate a lot of history and culture. But what sets Amouage perfume apart besides this rich history?

The obvious answer is the ingredients. Traditional ingredients include incense similar to what the ancient Egyptians used. They also incorporate musk, agarwood, rose, sandalwood, Oudh, and other richly-scented spices. Mixing these traditional Arabian scents creates a strong and rich scent that is nearly as strong and rich as the culture that it comes from.

This means that there is a huge diversity in what Amouage perfume can mean. Because 'Amouage' refers to a designer rather than a single type of perfume, scents can be worn on any occasion.

Amouage perfume is also accessible across many regions. The designer opened their first shop in Dubai (just outside Oman) in 2011 and made their perfumes accessible to the public. After that, they proliferated worldwide, making their way from the Gulf region and the Middle East into Europe. London, Paris, Milan, and Rome currently have branches.

Types and Varieties of Amouage

As of 2021, Amouage isn't just a perfume and fragrance manufacturer. They create bath and body products such as soaps, lotions, and salves for both men and women. They also make home items such as candles and incense. The brand has also recently branched out to sell leather wallets and purses, so it's clear that they are a master of many trades.

However, their fragrances are still what the company is best known for. They use over 100 different spices and ingredients to manufacture their unique scents. Different combinations of these spices create unique blends so that a person can choose the perfect fragrance for any specific occasion.

Some of these scents are intended to have aphrodisiac effects, such as men's 'Fate' and women's 'Blossom Love.' These are perfect for dates and outings with many people that the wearer wants to mingle with socially. However, the same person can also wear professional scents such as the woody 'Enclave' or 'Meander.'

In addition to woody smells, men may enjoy Amouage's leathery, Fougere, and Hesperid collections. Women will love floral, fruity, gourmand, and chypre fragrances.

The most popular fragrances by Amouage are:

The Benefits of Amouage Perfume

While Amouage's main benefit is that there are so many types of perfumes that can be purchased, there are many other advantages to the brand as well.

First and foremost, the wearer will know that they can trust Amouage. Because the brand is world-renowned and has been in operation for over a decade, people know exactly what they will receive when they choose Amouage fragrances. The reliability and reputation of the manufacturer make Amouage a top choice for men and women globally.

Amouage perfumes are also an affordable luxury. Fragrances are often around €300, which easily fits into many luxury consumers' budgets. Because this is the price for 100 ml of product, the bottles will last for quite a long time. This means that consumers can trust that they are getting their money's worth when shopping with Amouage.

Finally, perfume enthusiasts will enjoy the many authentic spices and high-quality scents that the perfume is made with. These consumers want quality and therefore can benefit from the authenticity and handmade fragrances that Amouage provides. There are no artificial ingredients used in their perfumes and therefore buyers will be aware of the exact makeup of their fragrances.

Get Started

There are many ways to get in touch with the culture and values of Oman, but wearing Amouage perfume is among the best. It has an interesting and culturally relevant history. Additionally, its global proliferation and developments showcase the power of globalization and cultural sharing.

After deciding to get Amouage perfume, creating a customer account with Essenza Nobile is the next step towards smelling amazing. The scents offered in our shop are unique, diverse, and culturally significant. Pairing them with room fragrances and body care products is a great way to get the most out of these perfumes as well.