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Shiny and soft, voluminous and gently swinging in the wind, a fabulous head of hair is definitely an eye-catcher and contributes significantly to the overall appearance of every person. Of course, hair, just like skin, is unique and needs tailor-made care. In our exquisite assortment you will find the right thing for the individual needs of your hair.

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Excellent hair care products - Unparalleled in quality

Get to know a new level of luxurious hair care in our assortment. Discover the innovative high-end lines of world-renowned hair stylists and experts who pour their skills, expertise and passion for beautiful, perfectly groomed hair into each of their products, meeting the highest standards.

PHILIP B, LERNBERGER STAFSING, ANTICA BARBERIA COLLA are the brands behind which are true virtuosos of their trade and which help every hair type with innovative product lines to more shine, volume, strength and resistance.

Whether it's shampoo, conditioner or hairspray; based on the knowledge that every hair and every scalp also needs very special care, each brand has its very own product, its very own line ready for every hair type. The focus is always on the health of your hair and thus the preservation and promotion of your natural beauty.

Thus, natural, ideally coordinated ingredients determine the common DNA of all applications, which ensure optimum care with the power of nature, without damaging or weighing down your hair with silicones.

The selection of our high-end hair care brands is again based on the care experiences and experiences that our customers tell us about. Only customers who are 100 percent satisfied are customers who like to come back, who like to use the products they have already used, and who thus give us the certainty of offering you only the best, most trusted lines and brands.

This also applies to our range of high-end styling products. Whether hairspray, volume foam or hair gel. For men and women alike, we offer a wide range of individual styling tools that will help you perfect any look and add the finishing touches.