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Get the best Xerjoffs as 15ml collectibles!


A new Night Perfume by BYREDO

TOBACCO MANDARIN - An extraordinary Extrait

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New Fragrance Gems

Zoologist - Elephant


165,00 € *
275,00 € per 100 ml
Jusbox Perfumes - Cheeky Smile - Limited Edition

Jusbox PerfumesCheeky Smile - Limited Edition

195,00 € *
227,27 € per 100 ml
Shay & Blue - Precious Trio - Floral Set

Shay & BluePrecious Trio - Floral Set

85,00 € *
283,33 € per 100 ml
Shay & Blue - Precious Trio - Mens Set

Shay & BluePrecious Trio - Mens Set

85,00 € *
283,33 € per 100 ml
Shay & Blue - Precious Trio - Original Set

Shay & BluePrecious Trio - Original Set

85,00 € *
283,33 € per 100 ml
Mancera Paris - Vetiver Sensual

Mancera ParisVetiver Sensual

starting from 87,00 € *
145,00 € per 100 ml
Paglieri 1876 - Milano

Paglieri 1876Milano

149,00 € *
149,00 € per 100 ml
Vilhelm Parfumerie - Chicago High

Vilhelm ParfumerieChicago High

210,00 € *
210,00 € per 100 ml
BOHOBOCO - Coffee White Flowers

BOHOBOCOCoffee White Flowers

129,00 € *
258,00 € per 100 ml
BOHOBOCO - Eucalyptus Patchouli

BOHOBOCOEucalyptus Patchouli

129,00 € *
258,00 € per 100 ml
BOHOBOCO - Geranium Balsamic Note

BOHOBOCOGeranium Balsamic Note

129,00 € *
258,00 € per 100 ml
BOHOBOCO - Olibanum Gardenia

BOHOBOCOOlibanum Gardenia

129,00 € *
258,00 € per 100 ml

New Skincare Highlights

QMS - Day Collagen - Serum - 30ml

QMSDay Collagen - Serum - 30ml

84,00 € *
280,00 € per 100 ml
QMS - Night Collagen - Serum - 30ml

QMSNight Collagen - Serum - 30ml

84,00 € *
280,00 € per 100 ml
Timeblock - 4 Weeks - Intensive Care

Timeblock4 Weeks - Intensive Care

389,00 € *
778,00 € per 100 ml
Timeblock - Facial Cleanser

TimeblockFacial Cleanser

49,00 € *
49,00 € per 100 ml
Timeblock - Vital Aging Nutrition

TimeblockVital Aging Nutrition

249,00 € *
207,50 € per 100


145,00 € *
483,33 € per 100 ml
Niance - Whitening Fluid COMPLETE - 30ml

NianceWhitening Fluid COMPLETE - 30ml

220,00 € *
440,00 € per 100 ml
Niance - Whitening Mask NeuroRELAX - 50ml

NianceWhitening Mask NeuroRELAX - 50ml

220,00 € *
440,00 € per 100 ml
Germaine de Capuccini - Brow Shaper - 363 Ash

Germaine de CapucciniBrow Shaper - 363 Ash

22,50 € *
450,00 € per 100 ml
Germaine de Capuccini - Brow Shaper - 364 Taupe

Germaine de CapucciniBrow Shaper - 364 Taupe

22,50 € *
450,00 € per 100 ml

Our Customers Choice

Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Baccarat Rouge 540

Maison Francis KurkdjianBaccarat Rouge 540

starting from 230,00 € *
328,57 € per 100 ml
Heeley Parfums - Maison Kitsuné X Heeley - Note de Yuzu

Heeley ParfumsMaison Kitsuné X Heeley - Note de Yuzu

starting from 90,00 € *
180,00 € per 100 ml
Creed - Aventus


starting from 195,00 € *
390,00 € per 100 ml
Tauer Perfumes - Au Coeur du Desért

Tauer PerfumesAu Coeur du Desért

165,00 € *
330,00 € per 100 ml
Xerjoff XJ - 1861 - Naxos

Xerjoff XJ1861 - Naxos

200,00 € *
200,00 € per 100 ml
Escentric Molecules - Molecule 01

Escentric MoleculesMolecule 01

120,00 € *
120,00 € per 100 ml
Byredo Parfums - Bal dAfrique

Byredo ParfumsBal d'Afrique

starting from 127,00 € *
254,00 € per 100 ml
Heeley Parfums - Sel Marin

Heeley ParfumsSel Marin

130,00 € *
130,00 € per 100 ml
Heeley Parfums - Menthe Fraîche

Heeley ParfumsMenthe Fraîche

130,00 € *
130,00 € per 100 ml
Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Baccarat Rouge 540 - Extrait...

Maison Francis KurkdjianBaccarat Rouge 540 - Extrait de Parfum

starting from 320,00 € *
457,14 € per 100 ml
Xerjoff - V - Erba Pura

XerjoffV - Erba Pura

starting from 155,00 € *
310,00 € per 100 ml

Buy exclusive Niche Fragrances and Noble Luxury Cosmetics from accross the world online

Essenza Nobile® stands for handpicked fragrances, luxury high end skincare and for pampering all your senses, after all you are worth it! - We have deliberately chosen to offer our customers much more than just the conventional range of popular brands. For you, we go on a daily search for the real treasures of this world and treat every single one of your orders as our most precious gift, you give us your trust and we promise to give you magic...

Essenza Nobile® is designed to give you a break from the hectic everyday life and to spoil you with the most precious products and exquisite, luxurious and unique niche brands. That is why we offer you the opportunity to buy a decanted sample from the range of our Kurfürsten Perfumery in Mannheim online: We ship our goods to customers worldwide.

Exclusive Niche-Fragrances und Luxury Perfumes

The world of fragrances is diverse and wide-ranging - each fragrance has its own signature and is made up of various valuable ingredients that together create a unique fragrance experience. The fragrances you will find on Essenza Nobile® are much more than just perfumes; they are associated with people, stories and feelings. If there is a certain nuance in the air, memories quickly awaken. A first kiss, a wild celebration or meeting a loved one -  fragrances can send us on an emotional journey through time, in which we can forget the present for a moment and always have happy memories with us. The right fragrance is a work of art, a drug that gives us inspiring feelings of happiness whenever wafting past our noses.”

We believe that unique people deserve unique fragrances, so we offer you the most exquisite rarities in the world. Our exclusive selection of fragrances is made up of noble and luxurious niche perfumes, so that you will be very different from the conventional mainstream. Just like the character, the scent of every person is individual and is naturally underlined by the right perfume. The scent emphasizes your personality and becomes your invisible signature that always envelops you, leaving a lasting impression.

No matter whether warm scents, powdery fragrances with dominant sillage, spicy, fresh and citrus or unusual and funky - each fragrance family radiates something different and brings out a different aspect of our personality. Fragrances for everyday life are usually a little lighter and more subtle than fragrances for the evening, which may be opulent and alluringly ever present.

And since the different scent notes often only reveal themselves over several hours, we understand that people like to test fragrances before buying them. Therefore we offer you the possibility to order a decanted sample of approximately 3 ml of a perfume in order to test the fragrance.

Luxury Cosmetics and Effective Face & Body Care 

Skincare Beauty has been celebrated and revered for thousands of years - because it is something that everyone strives for and is so difficult to define. The inner beauty is often more important than the outer, but we don't neglect either. So, our appearance provides the first impression and reflects our inner being. If you take care of your appearance, you look well-groomed and attractive. You feel like you are attracted to a beautiful person who casts a spell on you within a few magical moments.

But beauty often does not come of its own accord, it wants to be continuously nurtured and cared for to decorate us with its magnetic aura. To maintain beauty in all its facets, we have a wide range of care products to offer.

Morning and evening care is not only important for the skin, it can also have a calming effect on the mind. It means time that we only take for ourselves. Our skin covers our body and is the conduit of the magical electric to sense the outer world of which we radiate from. A few minutes to simply switch off and spoil us with luxurious products. Rituals like this are important so that we don't lose sight of ourselves. Every time we do something just for ourselves, we take care of our general wellbeing and make ourselves happy.

At Essenza Nobile® you will find many different products with different areas of application and uses - regardless of whether from the categories face care, body care or hair care, we only offer high quality products from special brands for your well-being.

Breathtaking Make-Up

At Essenza Nobile® we believe that life is happier when you feel good in your own skin. Decorative cosmetics are an integral part of their morning routine for many people, so the products should be easy to use, fun and alluring, so that the day can start well.

Our decorative cosmetics consist of an extensive range of luxurious brands, which cover almost everything from powder to mascara and foundation. The products can be used in a variety of ways, regardless of whether the result is aimed at a natural or expressive look.

Judging by scientific studies, a symmetrical face is perceived as beautiful. Our faces are always a bit asymmetrical by nature, which can easily be balanced with decorative cosmetics. For example, a lip gloss creates a seductive pout and conjures up a little more volume while captivating the attention of the other person with its shine.

Make-up is something that should give us pleasure. We can use it to bring out our beauty and live out creatively at the same time. Everyone has their own special idea of ??beauty and how it looks on themselves. With makeup we come closer to this idea.

A seductive look, dramatically and sensually at the same time perfectly staged by the deep black, voluminous eyelashes. A rosy, fresh face that shines and looks vital due to its youthful blushed cheeks, which were highlighted by color. Red lips that draw attention to themselves, screaming wordlessly the presence of its owner in the room as soon as one enters it. All of this is not a problem with cosmetics from one of our great brands.

Essenza Nobile® offers decorative cosmetics from selected, luxurious manufacturers that are not only a feast for the eyes, but also look pretty in your bathroom or handbag. Our luxury products are equipped with packaging that has been carefully designed to give you pleasure every time you look at it.