Heeley Parfums

Brand Portrait: James Heeley

James Heeley was born in Yorkshire, England and studied philosophy and aesthetics at the Kings College in London. As a designer, whose biggest inspiration always was the nature itself, it is pretty obvious and clear that James Heeley is passionate for the odors this world has to offer. The english guy moved to france and there he has found his deep love to to the scents of the nature and cultivated this love within the art of making fragrances. As an self-educated autodidact he created his first fragrance, 'menthe fraîche'  in 2006. He was standing in his garden, rubbed some fresh mint leaves between his fingers and knew what he has to do. A hard project, as mint is one of the most difficult notes to work with, when it comes to the art of making fragrances. With time going by he created a wonderful landscape of natural fragrance, from light and clean ones to complex and heavy creations.
As an perfectionist James ensures that every detail, from the creation of the scent to the recyclable packaging is designed "in house". Today James Heeley can call himself  as one of the very few owner-founded and independent luxury perfume houses in Europe. Due to the potential that lies within  this freedom, James is able to create truly creative and free unique fragrances for open-minded people who honor an exceptional and wearable fragrance.