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Brand Portrait: Mancera Paris

For all perfume connoisseurs, the Mancera brand has established itself as one of the foremost fragrance companies. Blending together luxurious scents with sophisticated styles, Mancera transcends Eastern and Western inspirations. 

The brand description can be summed up as a high-quality fragrance that combines scent notes from every part of the world. The unique collection was formed by a father and daughter duo. Since 2008, the company has put out over 70 perfumes in its fragrance line. 

Mancera Paris prides itself on curating the top ingredients for fragrances for its customers. To learn more about the history of the company and the various fragrances offered, read on for more information. 

The History of Mancera Parfums Paris

Mancera House was established in 2008 by Pierre Montale. He also owns another perfume company called Montale that began in the early 2000s. Montale has worked in Dubai and Qatar, serving as the creator of personal scents for the royal family, celebrities, and noblemen. 

Montale quickly became a master of Western fragrances, which are known for aromatic notes of cedar, agarwood, balsam, amber, and musk. His success with Montale spurred him to create another brand with his daughter - Mancera Paris. 

His daughter Amélie became the artistic director for Mancera in 2017. As a photographer and visual artist, Amélie is passionate about art design. Her tenacity for graphic design merged with Montale's scents to form a cohesive brand with well-known packaging styles. 

The ideal brand description of Mancera is a perfume that combines a typical French aesthetic of extraordinary scents with luxurious inspirations. The bottles are made out of stylized materials with gold plating, woods, Mother of Pearl, and various metals. 

Each bottle is custom-made from high-quality crystal glass by Luigi Bormioli, an Italian company that has been creating products since the Renaissance. 

In 2015, Mancera was brought into the Montale boutique near the Champs-Elysées in Paris. Montale brought the two brands together so customers could experience both of his signature creations. The immersive experience of the Paris boutique takes people on a journey filled with scents and beauty from the Eastern world. 

Types of Mancera Perfumes 

With countless options to choose from the Mancera line, it can be overwhelming to figure out which scent is the perfect one to wear. No matter the occasion, there is an ideal perfume for anyone in the Mancera perfume family. 

Mancera Red Tobacco

A scent perfect for either gender, Mancera Red Tobacco is a rich scent that begins with cinnamon spice, tobacco, fruit, and finishes with a subtle touch of amber. The base note of vanilla gives the scent a sweetness that doesn't overpower the other bold fragrances. It's the perfect scent to feel cozy and warm during cold winter months or a crisp fall afternoon. 

Mancera Pearl

The true embodiment of an ocean pearl in a bottle, Mancera Pearl features top notes of rose and mandarin, followed by jasmine, orange blossom, and Lily of the Valley. It finishes with deep musk and oakmoss to create a well-balanced scent. Mancera Pearl is a lightweight fragrance, perfect for daytime wear. 

Mancera Instant Crush

A quintessential ladies perfume, Mancera Instant Crush is a luxurious blend of jasmine, rose, and amber. It is the perfect blend of romance and sensuality, with a hint of elegance coming from spicy ginger and citrus. A base of musk and oakmoss gives it an added intensity. 

Mancera Amber Fever

Mancera Amber Fever is a hypotonic scent that will leave the wearer smelling fresh all day long. The top notes of whiskey, caramel, and tonka bean blend smoothly with floral and woody notes. 

Mancera Aoud Blue Notes

This perfume is a perfect blend of fruits and delicate notes of vanilla and rose. The top notes are bergamot and mandarin, with the floral scents coming in right behind that. At the base, there is find sandalwood, amber, leather, and vanilla. 

Mancera Aoud Cafe

The description of this scent sounds more like a dessert description than a perfume. Mancera Aoud Cafe features blackcurrant and peach top notes, with a zing of black coffee right in the middle. Those scents are underlined with notes of aoud, chocolate, and musk. 

Mancera Aoud Vanilla

A gorgeous and delicate scent, Mancera Aoud Vanilla melds together aoud, pepper, and cardamom at the top of the scent. It then opens into a lovely blossom fragrance before finishing with sandalwood and, of course, vanilla. The slightly spiced vanilla tones down the intensity of the scent just a little, making it perfect to wear throughout the day. 

Mancera Black Line

One of the most popular Mancera scents, the Black Line comes in a clear bottle with dark, black lines obscuring the contents. It is a spicy perfume with hints of rose and leather giving it a sensual fragrance. The base of musk gives it a slightly masculine undertone, pairing nicely with the feminine scents found in the middle. 

Mancera Indian Dream 

True to its name, Mancera Indian Dream will transport the wearer to another land when sprayed on the wrists. The top notes of orange blossom and geranium give it a powerful start before blending into jasmine and rose fragrances. A well-rounded scent, this perfume then finishes with vanilla, musk, and sandalwood. 

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Like a lot of traditional perfume companies, Mancera Paris is a family business that combines a modern artistic style with a wide scent palette. Montale's experience as a perfumer in Eastern cultures has given him the knowledge to create unique scents that combine with Western preferences. His daughter's art deco style and penchant for graphic design have resulted in one-of-a-kind perfume bottles that look wonderful on anyone's makeup shelf. 

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